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The Pineal Gland and the Chemistry of Consciousness

Consciousness to 4th

    Consciousness to the Fourth Power
Time Perception and Relative Scale
         Starting from our macro individuated scale of experience and our principal consciousness portal, vision, we can deduce the time scale that determines our experience of consciousness continuity – and that is based on our minimum moment of perception  which is around 1/30th of a second. Basically, this is the shortest slice of time that we can succinctly perceive.  This is the minimum amount of time for a visual stimulus to enter our eye, activate the retina, travel the optic nerve arrive at the visual cortex, or occipital lobe in the rear of our skull, and then be interpolated into a recognizable neural image. This is the frequency of our consciousness feedback loop This explains movies are made at 1/30th a second; if they were produced at 1/20th we would see a flickering pattern; if the movie frames lasted only 1/40 of a second there would not be enough time for us to perceive all of the information presented.
         A hummingbird is about 1/100th our size, and the distance that signals have to travel in its’ brain are 1/100th distance of ours, in addition, their brains are less complicated, so processing time is more rapid, therefore its perception of time is much shorter somewhere than ours, it is estimated to be around 1/3000th of a second.  That means that while wings of a hummingbird appear to be a blur to us, to the hummingbird their wings are flapping like the wings of an eagle –flowing methodical strokes. Similarly, as conscious beings grow larger, their perception of time grows relatively  slower. This concept of perception relativity may not have been directly addressed by Einstein, but it was explored by the British author Rodney Collin’s  The Theory of Celestial Influence (beginning pg. 35) in which he extended his enquiry from the human scale upward to the sun and planets and downward to the molecular level.
       Present day quantum research recognizes the significance of consciousness, though it remains unmeasurable and to a degree undefinable. Nonetheless it is considered a universal constant. Quite possibly consciousness can exist at all levels of magnitude, galactic to atomic, and each level of magnitude consciousness has its own unique space-time perception parameters. We have arbitrarily separated this spectrum of scale into four distinct levels, though there may be more. We call these levels powers, or multiples, of the scale below since the level of complexity grows with scale. Yet in the end, the highest power dovetails into the lowest. These scales are: nanoscopic, macroscopic, solar and galactic.

Consciousness to the First Power

C1 > Consciousness to the 1st power = the main unifying force at the quantum level as incorporated in the work of Heisenberg, Bohr, Schrodinger, Goswami, Bohme etc... Consciousness itself performs at the quantum level somewhat like gravity does at our (Newtonian) physical level. It is a binding force at this level. Time as we know it does not exist at the atomic level. Consciousness itself as a static field defines the parameters of quantum universe.

Consciousness to the Second Power

C2 >> to the 2nd power = individual space/time bound macro self-consciousness. Ecce Homo: Here-and-Now human awareness. Human self-consciousness: capable of recognizing one’s selfness and capable of understanding the rules of physicality, materiality, the relationship of energy and mass, E = mc2, as well as atomic reality, the concept of infinity and the concept of self-individuality and in our case, an innate drive to try to comprehend the meaning of our existence.
        On our (macro) level, the human brain generates an environment where C to the second power can thrive. The circuitry of the human brain creates a resonant egg-shaped force field that consciousness can bed in, a time-based platform for consciousness to reside in. There may be additional species that we share this world with who also have brain-based cradles for consciousness to exist in. A most likely candidate would be dolphins, whose brain can grow larger than ours because their brain matures in a less concussive physical environment that permits larger brain growth. Whales are another candidate as well (12 lbs. in size compared to the 3lb. human brain). If Darwin were to be taken seriously, then it is most likely that cetaceans, originally evolved from wolves, are a superior race to the smaller-brained human race. Hopefully, someday, we may learn to communicate with these beings who have thrice as many spindle neurons in their brain as we do.
   We spend the greater part of our waking life in C to the second power reality - in our personal reality world.
         There was an article in SEED Magazine (and in Hofstadter’s book, I am a Strange Loop), that describes the mechanism of our type of consciousness is in its simplest form as a continuous feedback loop. The refresh rate of this loop is around 1/30th of a second. We are self-reminding ourselves every 1/30thsec that we are who we are. This is the reminder loop that is in full play during our waking hours. It self-initiates the moment we wake up and continues during all our waking hours and even emerges temporarily sometimes when we are sleeping.
        A physical feedback loop requires four essentials: 1) a receptor (microphone) 2) an amplifier that boosts the prime signal from the microphone, 3 an ejector (speaker) that ejects the prime signal at an increased volume and 4) a medium that transmits the prime signal to the receptor over a period of time---to be picked as the first primary repeat signal by the receptor, which is then sent on to the amplifier for the third trip around. We’ve all experienced feedback with PA systems and know how suddenly they can flare up in certain conditions.
           A feedback loop can go on forever if the components function, and the frequency will vary according to the nature and amount of the medium that the signal must travel through. When you are hearing a feedback loop, what exactly are you hearing? A sound, a continuous tone, yes, and it is an unending loop that comes from nowhere but itself. A self- looping, self-defining circular loop. Audio feedback is a sound recycled loop. Self-consciousness is a continuous self-refreshing identity loop circulating in the brain that also activates personal memory and the ego. This complex feedback loop is what we use to defines the “me” that moves through the “reality” of time/space. Recent consciousness  research at  the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research utilizing fMRI and EEG analysis  has revealed  a signature of consciousness that consists a complex neural pattern of opposites interacting, This may be revealing a neural  feedback environment.

        The basic mechanism of consciousness in the brain starts with a transmission node point, a fixed neural pathway that the transmission of self-identity normally follows and a reception node point that receives the message which is quickly returned to the transmission node for reproduction; this loop most likely exists the prefrontal lobe in conjunction with the thalamus. The aforementioned “fixed” loop structure that defines our normal self- consciousness can also be modified. Alcohol, nicotine, cannabis and several “mind altering” substances can modify this loop and change certain qualities of our self-consciousness.  METAtonin, on the other hand, moves the consciousness loop into an altogether different orbital configuration that is separate from the physical body self. The slightly different spin results in an unfettered attunement to holographic spacetime parallel reality - possibly through the portal of the pineal gland brain sand/DMT/pinealocyte/SCN pathway as suggested in the first article.
        This gyrating loop of knowingness is what we call our self. This loop of information is carried by supported by a form of holographic scalar resonance that we have not yet been able to detect but may have observed in living systems. It is not electromagnetic though it may occupy an electromagnetic pathway or may be modified by a strong enough electromagnetic field. But it is an energy – a gyrating, looping, spinning type of energy: this spin cycle defines the apparent flow of time, the rate of spin in accordance with our location in universal scale.
         If we step down a magnitude into the atomic world, this same energy is also very much present, but not in a circular self- regenerating feedback form as it is with us self-conscious macro-beings. At the quantum level, where it is theorized time doesn’t exist, this very same energy no longer travels or spins in a circular pattern, instead it becomes planar or linear timeless web that provides the basic grid of existence that defines the quantum level. This could be the "quantum gravity" that Hammerhof and Penrose discuss in their ORC-OR theory. Consciousness at the macro level (capable of experiencing self) translates into a quantum binding force at the atomic level, hence consciousness activates the binding properties at the quantum level See:
        This static form of consciousness is the glue, the backbone that holds the atomic world together. The same consciousness in an animated, spinning form at the macro level becomes our self-consciousness, consciousness to the second power, consciousness in a dynamic form that conjures up the phenomenon of time. What is to us an experiential phenomenon (awakened consciousness) is, at another level (a static timeless level), the framework of atomic reality. Something to meditate on.
          Consciousness squared is individualized self-perpetuating consciousness. At the macro level, it is the ultimate expression of DNA successfully combining the elemental chemistry of the physical plane into individual beings capable of consciousness and combustion...Beings who in themselves are an example of counterentropy and by whose works raw materials are transformed very complex systems. Counterentropic phenomena probably also exist at the consciousness cubed and fourth levels manifesting counterentropic intelligence and fabrication as well as manifesting consciousness at levels far beyond our comprehension - perhaps forming a universal intelligence that oversees the architecture of the universe. 
        One way of comprehending the many layers of human consciousness is the The Consciousness Quotient Inventory developed by Ovidui Brazdau in a study that involved 6,800 individuals. The CQ-i is composed of six dimensions, which comprise the Consciousness Quotient: physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, social-relational and self-consciousness. These six dimensions are the main six factors of the Consciousness Quotient Inventory. CQ-i explores these dimensions, using behavioral-based questions scored with a Likert scale with six degrees. Visit: Another method of qualifying human consciousness is the eight-circuit model of consciousness, a trans human theory proposed by Timothy Leary and expanded on by Robert Anton Wilson and Antero Alli. This model describes eight circuits of information (eight "brains") that operate within the human nervous system. Each circuit is concerned with a different sphere of human consciousness reality and the associated modulators of brain electrochemistry. See:      

Principles of Lanza's theory of biocentrism:
1. What we perceive as reality is a process that involves our consciousness. An "external" reality, if it existed, would have to exist in space. But this is meaningless because space and time are not absolute realities but rather tools of the human and animal mind.
2. Our external and internal perceptions are inextricably intertwined. They are different sides of the same coin and cannot be divorced from one another.
3. The behavior of subatomic particles, indeed all particles and objects, is inextricably linked to the presence of an observer. Without the presence of a conscious observer, they at best exist in an undetermined state of probability waves.
4. Without consciousness, "matter" dwells in an undetermined state of probability. Any universe that could have preceded consciousness only existed in a probability state.
5. The structure of the universe is explainable only through biocentrism. The universe is fine-tuned for life, which makes perfect sense as life, an expression of consciousness, creates the universe, not the other way around.

Counterentropy and Consciousness
          Entropy and Counterentropy are the two opposing forces that balance the existential equation. Yin and Yang. Entropy is the inexorable tendency to decrease the organization or complexity of systems. Entropy defines the arrow of time.  Counterentropy is the opposite tendency which is to increase the organization and complexity of systems.  Counterentropy defines the arrow of life.
 These are the two sides of the eternal equation of existence. The most extreme form of entropy in its ultimate finality are black holes found in outer space. Although there are many expressions of entropy, the black hole has no equal in size or scale. Likewise, the ultimate expression of counterentropy is the equally potent universally pervasive and infinitesimally small DNA molecule field and network of life that DNA expresses throughout the universe.
       These two opposing forces have existed since the big bang, or the big subtraction, depending on how you look at it. Entropy and its handiwork are very familiar to us. The tendency toward disorder of everything around us seems intuitive and obvious even if we aren’t familiar with the terms Entropy and Counterentropy. We realize that even the most robust of structures ultimately are eroded into increasingly minute components. Even the black hole, after completing the work of entropy by reducing any organization within its reach, finally succumbs to its own appetite.
            Dr. Paul LaViolette in his book Genesis of the Cosmos – The Ancient Science of Continuous Creation debunks the theory of the Big Bang in favor of a self-sustaining universe based on continuous disequilibrium of infinite open systems supported by the counter-entropic dissipative process of life. This explanation has been metaphorically hidden in the many of the most ancient myths of the origin of the universe, but these have been ignored by present day scholars who fail to recognize that there have been ancient civilizations, though nor as physically “advanced” as ours, who have shown technical prowess that not even we can accomplish today. 
       Then there is the universal all-pervasive network of life. We are part of life. We are privileged enough to have life all around us and furthermore to be conscious of it.  Make no mistake for life may be just as rare as it seems to be found in the universe. A black hole requires a tremendous amount of hardware (matter) to exist, and its opposite, life, requires an equal amount of software and the proper environment to exist. This software is present and contained in DNA’s genome and epigenetic combination. The existential equation is balanced on one side by the presence of black holes which do the bidding of entropy, and on the other side of the equation by the phenomenon of DNA and its ultimate expression: life and consciousness. Everything that happens in existence, in this universe as well as in all the other universes, in all dimensions, are factors in this equation, including every atom of every planet, the galaxies, quarks, and superstrings everywhere in existence that factor into the existential equation…an equation that remains in balance.
          Our ancestors although largely ignorant to the concept of entropy had an intuitive feeling about these concepts. They represented them as all-seeing gods and their agents. Little did they know that the actual incarnation of their religious ideas and faith had a fundamentally scientific basis in entropy and counterentropy: Devils and Angels, Shiva and Vishnu.....
Interestingly, the scientific community has studied entropy to a far greater degree than counterentropy; this is because entropy is more obvious and because counterentropy is not measurable and is disguised as a natural phenomenon: life. One might ask what is the source of this counterentropic phenomena? and the answer may be the phenomenon of consciousness itself. On this planet several large mammals seem to be carrying on the baton of consciousness, but where did consciousness abide during the 13.5 billion years that it took for consciousness to arrive here? Adapted from: From: 
Also:, "From plasma crystals and helical structures towards inorganic living matter"
          Of course, there is the reality where entropy does not exist at all - the holographic spacetime, the pleroma - for in this non-local non-thermal reality there is no entropy, no arrow of time, no heat - or cold. A resonating parallel, infinity-based, non-entropic reality where things (information, primarily) do not deteriorate, for things don't deteriorate where there is no arrow of time. Holographic reality eternally resonates in standing parallel waves the record nearly infinite amounts of information . This holographic reality supports all the things that we experience, including personality, except that there is no heat. And we, in dense physical reality, experience all the things that exist in the holographic reality, except eternity. Eternity and Entropy are mutually exclusive - and, yet are tied together. One explanation is presented in the Urantia Book.  Our reality is defined as Pervaded space, the holographic spacetime is defined as Unpervaded space.  Pervaded space is shaped like a disc extending horizontally outward from the center, the center being Paradise, the home of the creator.  Unpervaded space is is hour-glass shaped and extends centrally from Paradise on a vertical axis. They both convene at the center of Paradise. Thus we have the Paradise Father residing in Paradise, Pervaded space, the Son and the Unpervaded space, the Holy Ghost. How far out does the hour glass extend? probably close to infinity, and how far out does the disc of Pervaded space extend? probably just as far.  One thing is for sure, though, when we go as far out in the universe as far as we can possibly go - to the furthest point,  trillions of light years.... we will find the earth. 
           When Carl Sagan wrote Contact, he wrote as a scientist, and he wrote about a theoretical segue to higher intelligence. Being a scientist and an astronomer, it is quite natural that he would look to an extra-terrestrial intelligence to deliver of a cryptic message to the human race; a message that had hidden in it a design for a machine that would launch his protagonist, Dr. Elanor Arroway into a wormhole and then on to a parallel or higher realm.
            But really Carl Sagan didn’t have to look outward. For designed in the amazingly complex language of human DNA is an equally cryptic message that contains in it the design for a special circuit in our very own human brain. This neuro-circuit triggers the pineal gland to release a neurochemical brain reprogramming secretion – a consciousness booster – METAtonin - that achieves the same segue as the fantastic machine that astronaut Arroway used.  
                                             -and it is right in front of our nose, or directly behind it, to be exact.

Individualism and the evolution of Hive Consciousness
        It may be that the realm of Consciousness to the Second power is where individual, isolated consciousness is best exercised. In fact, individual consciousness may be one of the rarer forms of consciousness. In a majority of realms, it may be that collective or hive consciousness is more the norm. Perhaps it is on the physical plane where individuality tends to be best molded. Not only are humans physically, psychologically and psychically isolated by design, but also physical plane individuals are constantly challenged just to survive and spend a good deal of time just keeping ahead of uncertainty danger; they must fight for themselves. In addition, we are limited to just five senses that are attuned to a rather narrow frequency spectrums and humans are not gifted with the ability to have direct contact with higher forms of intelligence – again, part of the design. That’s why it’s good to pose a question to oneself and consider the possibility of experiencing shared consciousness and, furthermore, if one would feel comfortable in sharing their consciousness with a larger group. How would it feel to part of a larger shared headspace? Do you see yourself as a lone superhero fully confident of your own ability to take on any challenge and enjoy the satisfaction of being your own captain or is your vision of victory one of a shared joy:  of singing in a chorus, being a member of an orchestra, dance troupe or championship soccer team? 
          Of course, there are many group efforts that encourage this sharing of awareness temporarily – team sports, group performing arts, brothers in arms experiencing combat etc. Taking this one step further: what would it be like to share thought space with others continually on a regular basis during daily life? This could be enlightening as well as possibly frightening. In some ways, as a race, we are heading in this direction through electronic media and wireless interfacing. Perhaps this is an inevitable destination of humanity. Many science fiction writers have pondered this question. Alastair Reynolds’s story Great Wall of Mars ( is one example.
          Most likely, shared psychic space is much more common at higher levels, but to blend in one needs to be tempered in the ways of cooperation, respect, a certain amount of restraint and natural modesty, propriety and healthy optimism. Maybe that is why, as souls, we volunteer to experience the physical realm of Consciousness squared – in need of a bit of tempering to the point where we see the adventure and advantage of sharing consciousness.
         Is it possible for individualized consciousness to transcend time? One suggestion is by using dark matter soliton (isolated scalar) waves that traverse the multiverse with undiminishing amplitude intercepting our universe time vector, sometimes passing futureward or past ward and sometimes passing parallel to our thread or rope of time.  These waves cleanse the rope of loose Everett many-world tendrils by combing or culling the rope of the weaker ones. Theoretically one can catch the wave if properly attuned and travel back in time to return on a futureward wave, as theorized by Wolfgang Jeschke in his book The Cusanus Game. Also, Dark Matter by Blake Crouch is another engaging novel about the Everett many-worlds theory.
          Humans have the ability to direct consciousness towards both a local and non-local focus. The local expression is nurtured by accentuating the human tendency towards ambition, egotism, aggression, the glory of individualism and absolute freedom. The non-local approach embraces a desire to dissolve the ego through activities such as meditation, sufi dancing, yoga, and collective praise through choral, dance and other spiritual  activities.
         The "local" expression of consciousness, egotism, may be the hallmark of the human race, the ultimate decoction of the cauldron of earthly experience. This is described in the novel Dreamcatcher by Stephen King. In this novel an extraterrestrial hive minded non-local plague attempts to overcome the earth. The plague, which has it's own collective intelligence, has been successful in overcoming many other inhabited planets but ultimately fails here and in the book comments to itself that it is surprised at the adaptability, stubbornness, resilience and creativity of the human race - a trait, perhaps, unique to planet earth and other planets like it.
       Consciousness seems to be able to morph into several states, at the first level, it is a force; squared, it can become an ego; cubed and to the 4th is most likely beyond our comprehension except through mathematics, and, most likely, it is non-local. Most human societies are ego-based, and are becoming increasingly so with the help of electronic connectivity - a natural evolution. But in the grand scheme of things, most forms of consciousness may be non-local. In the whole of it, humans fulfill a special niche in the grand scheme, a grand scheme that we may someday fully understand. 

….."Alive. A pitiable but delicious reprieve from timelessness….What bliss life is, imagined from the standpoint of a rock or of a cubic yard of black water in the icy ocean depths. Even there, apparently, conglomerated molecules manage to light a tiny candle of consciousness."   John Updike, Toward the end of Time

       Here is another way of perceiving the concept of consciousness based on the ancient holy trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is the non-local holographic spacetime, the akasha, the information-dense repository field of all information regardless of time and space, it has no thermodyamics, there is no arrow of time. It contains all the information the universe will ever have, its waveform is flat and parallel. There are no centers of reference, it is all-pervasive, all information is accessible from everywhere equally. The Son is the physical plane: local, time-locked, thermodynamic, entropic, individuated, radiative reality, its waveform is curved. It is here that selective information of the holy ghost reality is collapsed along the line of time according to internalized mathematical formulas for fractals and the golden mean embedded in DNA, thus creating life as we know it. 
It is here that consciousness can occur individuated in life forms. And the Father is consciousness itself, the knowing, the I that is am, and it can access both the Son and the Ghost as a particle or as a wave. It is the bond between them, the creator of this great division of totality, and the segue between them.

Consciousness to the Third Power
        C3, Consciousness to the 3rd power is individual self-consciousness expanded to the point that it envelops the collective/planetary/solar human consciousness: the planetary logos of male and female humanity and all planetary life. Planetman. We are each Planetman mineralized water pods made from hydrocarbons provided by the sun. Collective Planetman, the morphogenetic field of humanity at the cubed spins in much larger and more complicated circles than the simple spin of individual human consciousness. Instead of using the mammal brain as the platform, this form of consciousness uses the planetary/solar electromagnetic plasma field as a platform and, of course, the weave and procession of time is similarly modified to a much larger and most likely a slower time comprehension of reality. Not only is there a "size wall" that separates planetary plasma consciousness from human physical reality consciousness, there is also a "time wall".
This planetary morphogenetic field that encompasses all life on earth permeates and defines each earth species and provides background matrix for the architecture of the DNA of all life as it hovers about the solar system. While the platform of C2 is the human brain, the platform of C3 is the plasma field of our planet and solar system – the domain of our human cloud or as Dr. Rupert Sheldrake calls it: the morphogenetic field. It is this field that shamans and Ayhuasceros and mystics throughout history have been able to access. The concept of plasma intelligence or consciousness may seem a bit difficult to comprehend; here are some sources of literature that will help expand your imagination: Frederic Pohl in his book The World at the End of Time, describes such a scenario. In addition, The Urantia Book refers to forms of intelligence that occupy a gaseous world and are of a gaseous composition themselves. In addition, the recent NASA development of sonification of the solar cycles which compresses the last 100 years of solar activity into a 3-minute auditory experience, this time translation allows us to comprehend the sun as a living entity on the same time scale as us.
           Intelligence may not be just limited to us globules of electrified mineral water. DNA may exist in several different states. One theory is that an intelligence lies within the gigantic electromagnetic plasma of the sun and that different types of life are developed on each planet according to the physical parameters of that planet. Each planetary form of life is a specific condensate of solar intelligence, each in a specific temporal time frame. After all, all life on this planet is derived from hydrocarbons generated by solar photosynthesis. Basically, we are the product of water and sunlight. Perhaps solar intelligence has used other chemical paradigms as well. Author Ben Bova has described different form of intelligent life that might emerge along different planetary platforms including Mercury, Venus, Mars, the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Titan and, of course, Europa. Visit:
          All humans and other large mammals at the C2 level have been endowed with access to C3: a segue, a stairway, a secret passage to this level of consciousness cubed, C3, via the wormhole chemical, METAtonin consciousness accelerator. DMT-based METAtonin is found in the brains of dolphins and whales as well as humans and possibly elephants and great apes.

Consciousness to the Fourth Power
        C4,Consciousness to the 4th power = The Universal weave consciousness that binds all the planetary and galactic bodies, the central universal core consciousness, the grand consciousness that is universally space/time/spatial transcendent. The platform for C to the fourth power is the whole grand complete universe itself…a consciousness so great that if one were to witness it from the frame of our C to the second power every-day human consciousness, it would be as a candle flame to a hydrogen bomb! A grandeur that is totally and completely incomprehensible for a human mind. It is the Power of The Grand Creator Consciousness at the center of all things spreading out to the edge of all things.
Consciousness to the 4th power - the universal intelligence that made us what we are... at least 13.8 billion years old and 27.6 billion light years across; a consciousness that decided to bring us into creation for reasons best described in Neal Donald Walsch's Conversations with God, Part II.  Reflective Existential Verification, thus:
Consciousness and Reflectivity
         At the first level of consciousness we know that when an electron is in an indeterminate state that it has two spin potentials. Not until it is measured or observed does it collapse into a determined state of spin. The act of measuring or observing indicates the presence of consciousness, hence Heisenberg. Jumping to the opposite end of the scale, Consciousness to the Fourth Level, the ultimate universe level we find a similar phenomenon.  In volume 2 of Conversations with God, God explains that as a singular intelligence it had no real existence other than its consciousness of itself, but self alone can be fragile, it can only truly exist when there is an “other” to recognize it.  A self by itself really has no self-ness.  So, The Intelligence created a separated, unknowing self to consecrate and acknowledge a higher intelligence and thus anchor the existence of The Intelligence. This other unknowing self was to remain ignorant of the fact that it, too, was a creation of The Intelligence.  It had to be a separate consciousness – an “other”.   This “other” has in its consciousness a vague memory that its origin has something to do with a greater being.  It is this embedded mystery that serves as the impetus for the birth of religion.
               It is interesting that the process of being observed is so important at both ends of the universal scale, at C1 and C4.
Here is how it may have evolved: The first process that singular Intelligence had to do was to create a separate form of reality so that it could not be detected in its own reality, hence the big bang or big subtraction.  Thus, physical reality, as “we” know it, was created it and furthermore it was designed with a difficult-to-detect formative field that permeated it. This morphogenetic field encouraged physical particles to entwine themselves into forming the basic organic elements that later grew in greater unison to create beings endowed with life.  As these forms of life evolved in complexity and size, consciousness was slowly introduced.  At first consciousness was of a collective form. Small animals were separate from each other and were conscious of the need to protect, care and defend themselves, but they did not know themselves as a self.  They did not recognize themselves in a reflection.  They were not advanced enough to self-reflect on themselves or the meaning and origin of their existence.  The final stage was the development of the large mammals.  Many of our species can observe themselves and perhaps some may also reflect on the meaning of their existence. However, mankind seems to be the only one to take this thought process to the level of religion and the devotion to a higher power that may have created our existence.  The more that God is loved, the surer its existence, and in turn the more love it has shower on its creation. Thus, the wheel turns. It is interesting to note that consciousness at the human level can exert its presence in both directions: quantum and cosmic and because of this, it may in some way be a binding force.
            This 4th level of Consciousness is the totality of all pervaded space. In one sense – it is the grand physical universe that at the same time it extends out to and is encompassed by the smallest first level of consciousness - the quantum nanoparticle universe.  The flipside of C4 is C1. The end is the beginning is the end woven together by consciousness… and we singular droplets of consciousness are at the halfway point, C2. A snake eating its tail, and we are in the belly. The head and the tail meet at the Zero Point Field. After all, all zeros are equal.  Thank you Fibonacci and Al-Khowawizmi

The Holographic Spacetime Theory
       Another way to perceive the relationship of C4 to C1 is described in the Holographic Spacetime theory as discussed in The Immortal Mind by Ervin Laszo and Anthony Peake. Let us first talk about the grand universe which theoretically came into being 13.8 billion years ago with the Big Bang. Since then it has expanded spherically at the speed of light and is likely to now have a radius of 13.8 billion light years. Given this radius, and assuming that it most likely spherical or polygonal in shape, it would have a diameter of 27.6 billion light years, a surface area of 2.4x1019 square light years and a volume of 1.1 x 1028 cubic light years, not as big as infinity, but close to it. Still it has a boundary. This boundary is where space-time and consciousness as we know it in all its forms including dark matter and dark energy ends.
       Everything inside this volume is Pervaded Space. Everything outside it is Unpervaded Space or space before the Big Bang. The Holographic Spacetime Theory contends that the volume of pervaded space is a giant 3 Dimensional entangled hologram while its outer boundary is composed of 2D codes that envelop and define the 3D volume. The outer boundary is composed tiny volumeless squares, each one containing one bit of informational code. These squares are the smallest possible size which is the Planck length or 10-35 meters. In a way, the outer surface of the universe is like a photographic hologram, the shell is a 2-dimensional holographic film and the universe contained within is the 3D contents that the film defines. Much like an egg, the contents are a unified whole mass while the surrounding shell, in this case, provides the information defining the qualities of the contents, however the edge surfaces must be straight so that scalar holographic waves can rebound from the edge in a parallel manner.   In this way both the very largest commodity known, the grand pervaded universe which cradles consciousness to the fourth, and the very smallest commodity known,  the  surrounding nanoscopic information bits that exist at the level of consciousness to the first, are  inexorably existentially bound to each other. Its interesting to note that the Plank nano squares are used to store something: information; and Dr. Vlatko Vedral in his book Decoding Reality makes the point that information itself may be the basic building block of the holographic universe.   
        As David Bohm might put it: The grand universe at C4 is the explicate order of reality enveloped and defined by the nanoparticle enveloping holographic skin of consciousness at the first power, the implicate order. The Implicate order, C1, is the outer holographic skin that contains and defines the expanding grand universe within. Just as laser waves define the image on a photographic hologram plate, infinite scalar waves resonating within the holographic shell of the universe form the explicate order of universal physical reality, C4, evolving through time.          
      What is interesting about this concept, is that as consciousness and pervaded space grows, so does the Akashic field have room grow. Since the radius of the universe is expanding at a rate of one light day per day, then the nano surface area of the universal sphere is growing at the 4πsquare of that rate. Now, one light day may not be much compared to 13.8 billion light years, but it is quite significant, as the googzillions of Planck squares are added giving the Akashic record has room to expand and accomodate the memories and Everett many worlds of a growing population of conscious beings of all orders.
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