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The Pineal Gland and the Chemistry of Consciousness

Consciousness and Planetary Personality

                                        Consciousness and Planetary Personality Geometry

         Let us start with the human embryo and its acquisition of consciousness which evolves as it is able to access increasing amounts of information, this happens as the  senses become more defined beginning with the fifth week of gestation as described by embryologists: The actual progression appears to be touch, beginning around 5 weeks, then hearing, taste, smell, and, finally, sight at around 26 weeks. Italo Calvino, who wrote the novel,  Cosmicomics  attempts to get inside the head of an evolving life form and follows the  inner dialog that might take place during the progression of our senses and also the progression of our existential being – our sense of self. Even so, in the womb, things are blurred, muffled and, though there may be a physical sense of being confined, the sense of touch and edge are softened by the fluid that embryos are immersed in. In the amniotic sac, there is no strong sense of being an isolated self; one is floating in an isolation tank. However, at some later point one may begin to vaguely sense that there is an “other” than itself. In addition to this slowly growing field of consciousness, it has been suggested that endogenous DMT (DiMethylTryptamine), either produced by the embryo or the mother or in conjunction, allows  embryonic consciousness to phase in and out its’ embryonic self-consciousness to return to its selfless pre-embryonic Akashic consciousness of origin. Gradually, as the sense portals develop, and body-consciousness increases, the ability to return to pre-embryonic consciousness gradually diminishes and the evolving self and body-consciousness becomes better grounded in its new surroundings with its increasingly defined perceptions.

          The climax of this process takes place at birth when the fetus is shocked into the reality of becoming a separate human being - with a scream, the first scream where, for the first time, it becomes aware of a cold void filled with light and sound into which one can extend itself.  At this time, at this consciousness zero point, the theory suggests, the planetary geometry of the birth moment is stamped into the raw self-consciousness of the new being. The fully developed embryo with its’ physical traits and many lingering gestures and peculiarities inherited via the DNA of the parents is, at birth, infused with the unique self-aware personality traits provided by the morphogenetic planetary geometry present at the time of birth, thus we have a self-aware singular human being – a child whose personality is a reflection of the local planetary universe at the point in time that it emerged. The term “morphogenetic” is a concept forwarded by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake in his book A New Science of Life, and it refers to a planetary field that each species has. This field preserves the evolving cellular architecture of each species and it provides instructions to the DNA of each cell as to how should integrate itself into the cellular pattern of the body: visit The “planetary geometry” refers to the geometric pattern of all the nine planets and their contribution to the personality of a being who is being born at a certain moment in time, of course, some of its baseline personality traits are inherited from the parents, but a great deal more is contributed by the planetary geometric pattern, This pattern enhances inherited traits and is linked to the time framework of the planets, it provides the architecture for personality development.  Yes, we are talking about a type of astrology. There have been some developments in this oldest of sciences just recently….

          Dr. Richard Tarnas, historian and cosmologist and author of Cosmos and Psyche has, through exhaustive statistical analysis, revealed that there is an irrefutable relationship between human events and planetary cycles. These cycles influence the flow of human history and individual personality as well. Many of the world's most prominent astrologers today were at one time in the past, some of its greatest critics. A professionally detailed and analyzed birth chart will prove to be uncannily accurate at defining individual personality traits and tendencies. Now let’s take this phenomenon a step further, for it is the key to understanding the relationship of cosmic alignments and consciousness. One might surmise that most personality traits would be defined and ascertained by looking at the moment of conception when the DNA of the parents is combined during meiosis to form the new embryonic DNA of the new child, but, at conception there is no mature brain present to cradle consciousness, it won’t be able to cradle itself until the child emerges at birth with a fully developed brain where consciousness can encradle itself. This is why astrologic charts made at conception time are nowhere near as accurate or revealing about personality as astrologic charts erected for the time of birth.

     Now, back to Tarnas, one of the reasons why Dr. Tarnas considered astrology to have a legitimate influence on consciousness was discovered during trials held at Esalen Institute where he and Dr. Stanislas Grof were investigating the use of psychedelics as a healing therapy.  It seemed that clients would exhibit a typical response to consciousness transition after a series of trials, but with every subject, every once in a while there would be a definite deviation from the typical pattern. Something was interfering with the normal pattern. These deviations were not predictable, nor could these researchers find any variant that caused this deviation. It wasn’t until Dr. Tarnas finally decided to look into the possibility of planetary influences that he discovered that there was, indeed, a correlation between the planets and the quality of consciousness transition. We should note that it was determined that no single planet seemed to have an effect, The planetary effects only took place when there were two planets involved – that is, when they are in a geometric relationship to each other. The two planets could be at the same place in the sky, called a conjunction, or be exactly opposite each other, in opposition; they could also have an effect at times when the two planets were in 90 degrees aspect, or square, to each other in relation to the earth – discrete angular relationships. The most common interaction took place when a planet orbiting in the sky entered the same location as a prominent planet in the birth chart of the subject, this is called a transit.

       With this revelation in mind, and over several decades Dr. Tarnas has proceeded with his investigation into planetary influence and ended up writing several books on the subject, the latest being Cosmos and Psyche published in 2006.  Not only does the planetary geometry stamp the origin of personality, it also provides a timepiece for the unfolding of the personality in the flow of time. It turns out that personalities, groups of personalities, nations and the entirety of the planetary population are also subject to an influence provided by the planetary timekeepers of the solar system. These combinations create an ever-evolving set of cyclic influences that have gently but inexorably shaped the evolution of the human race. We are an expression of our solar system. It is not dead….it is us.

       Dr. Tarnas does not claim that the planets affect human behavior directly, such as a gravitational or electromagnetic field would. Instead, he claims that the planets embody archetypal fields that express the full spectrum of human consciousness unfolding in time. Furthermore, just as quantum physics describes the location of an electron by probabilities, the astrological archetypes influence planetary consciousness with varying cyclic probabilities via angular combinations of the planets.  The proof of this effect is not achieved empirically; it is achieved statistically, and Dr. Tarnas has provided viable proof, at least in terms of collective human events, in his latest book and, it has been said, he is now investigating the veracity of the astrological effect at a personal level. As for this archetypal planetary effect being measured or detected? That is about as likely as the possibility of consciousness itself being measured.  And, that is likely, for many institutions are presently investigating the very nature consciousness itself, and perhaps, someday, we will know. It may even turn out that consciousness and the planetary effect on personality are of the same nature.

            Now for the reincarnation factor: It is said that Consciousness is Eternal, so, too, is Personality, both are gifts of the Universal Intelligence.  We keep the personality qualities we have gained here at birth as well as additional qualities that we may accrue throughout our lives. When we return to the Holographic Spacetime, we may keep our seasoned personality framework forever, or we may decide at some point to return to a physical world again to gain different or additional personality traits. For information on the holographic spacetime visit The Field by Lynn McTaggert and The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.  We are of the physical plane. It’s the plane that things deteriorate on. Something that you buy, everything you own, will, from the moment you purchase it, slowly but inexorably become old. Same with our bodies. Anything warmer than its surroundings, a cup of coffee, for example, will grow colder until it equalizes. This is the process of entropy – it’s the signature of this place.  Things that are complex eventually break down with time, things that are hot, cool down….and, in doing so, this deterioration creates what is known as the arrow of time. The place that we go to when our physical body dies does not have entropy… or combustion…. or photosynthesis. Other than that, the holograpic spacetime very similar to this place. When we make the transition to there, quite often we start out there just where we left off here. The ones we meet there will exhibit all the things we exhibit here:  personality, emotions, beauty, complexity, yearnings, regrets, needs and gifts – all the things we have here…music, dance, art, athletics, weather, beautiful landscapes, and all the senses we have here, will be there, except one. There is no entropy there, so there is no arrow of time, and there is no sense of heat – nor is there cold, or decay.

       On this “other side” everything is still quite the same as here – politics, communication, intelligence, art, travel, sex, etc… except that things there do not wind down, they do not cool down, there is no cool, because there is no’s just not there. There are infinite amounts of art, music, and creativity, and, there is no death.  It is a place to grow and learn. It is a place of infinite pulsating information.  Welcome to the Holographic Spacetime. In fact, it is not another place. It is right here.  We don’t go anywhere when we die. We are intermeshed with it right now, but we can’t see it or feel it. We are still in the same computer, just in a different program with different parameters. There may not be any temperature, but there plenty of light and many kinds of energy that we are not familiar with.

         Everything there, in the holographic spacetime, is the same as it is here – except that there is no heat, no entropy – no linear time, all times are present there – at once. In the holographic spacetime there are both landscapes and timescapes.  Everything here is the same as it is in holographic spacetime  - except that we have no eternity, our time is linear, one second after another. Eternity and Entropy and mutually exclusive, one exists as a wave reality, the other is a particle reality.  There are some things that exist in both realities, though, and those things are: consciousness and personality. We will be the same person when we go there. When we get there, we will recognize and be recognized. Most planetary physical worlds are entropic, mortal and personally challenging – which they are designed to be, and they are of varying complexity. Some personalities never need to return to physical worlds, their personality is fully matured and balanced. In Buddhism, they are called Bodhisattvas.          2/10/2020

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