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The Pineal Gland and the Chemistry of Consciousness



Aliens on planet earth.

         Let us say that there are two tribes of humans on the earth, the aliens and the earth people.  Sometimes we even use the term “aliens among us” as if there was some culture from a far off star inhabiting our planet along with us humans. But actually, if you are reading this on the internet, my friend, you are the alien (me too)…and there is a tribe humans who we have long ignored and who we have shared our planet with and who are actually the real earth people.

            DNA anthropological research had determined that the Australian Aboriginal tribe of the human race branched off the homo sapiens tree about  400,000 years ago as the continents were shifting, and the Australian tribe remained isolated ever since. It wasn’t until another 300,000 years later that the red, yellow, black and white races separated out from their branch and traveled from the Africa to their respective continents. Thus the Australian Aboriginal tribe has had a much longer time to develop a separate perspective and approach to life than all of the other races or tribes


           The aborigines did not restrict consciousness to just humans, and to them, the very highest intelligence that could be appealed to was the collective consciousness of our planet.  Our race saw and still sees our planet as an endless resource that we have the god-given right to exploit. The god that gives us this right is from somewhere else, of course, probably very far away.

            One of the reasons why the aboriginal tribe evolved in a different manner from other tribes is due to the animal species that accompanied them to their continent. All Australian  mammals are marsupials. Kangaroos, Wallabies, Koala bears, Wombats are all herbivorous animals that are non-threatening.  There were no carnivorous wolves or bears  or lions or tigers to hide from at night.  Thus the aborigines welcomed the night as well as the day. In a similar way, they welcomed and encouraged their unconscious side as well as their conscious side.  Both the nightside of the brain and the dayside of the brain became equally respected and developed. The aborigines call the nightside of the brain the dreamtime. Most advanced aborigines try to exist in a simultaneous state of connection to both sides.

            The Aboriginal culture may not provide an agenda for personal gain or status, but there is one attainment that is aspired to: which is to become a man or woman of High Degree. The one thing that aborigines hold in highest esteem in their culture is the ability to communicate with the dreamtime wisdom and the dreamtime wisdom keepers: known as the Dreamtime Ancestors.  These ancestors are the ones who maintain the guidelines for living; these guidelines are maintained in the form of stories and myths.

           The highest degree of Aboriginal initiation involves a procedure that opens a passage from the rear of the nasal olfactory cavity into the pineal gland cavity. In this procedure, the fragile ethmoid bone is figuratively pierced by a spear that is driven through the back of the skull through the center of the brain, the ethmoid bone,  the nasal passage and then through the center of the tongue, resulting in a hole. The only vestige of the ceremony is a hole in the center of the tongue – which is the mark of men and women of High Degree.

                R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, Egyptologist,  found a similar ceremony to be depicted on the walls of the inner sanctuaries of the temple of Luxor. However, the ceremony was more than figurative for the Egyptians. During the final stage of enlightenment, the ethmoid bone of Egyptian kings was forcibly broken, theoretically allowing the king to enter the mysteries of the inner sanctuary. 

         In dreamtime one would never entertain the idea of owning a piece of land. Dreamtime existence began to disappear when mankind started building fences, growing crops and keeping livestock. The aborigines thorough the guidance of the Dreamtime Ancestors chose not to partake in any of these activities, though they knew of them.

        In dreamtime the land is a book. Every tree and blade of grass is a page of that book. It is a book of ultimate perfection that we can appreciate; we can even use it as long as we return it to as close a natural state as it was when we found it. 


           The Aborigines knew that they could have developed a written language, but they consciously chose not to develop one, though they were excellent artists. The aborigines could have built weatherproof structures, they rarely did and if they did, the structures were ceremonial, never permanent. The Aborigines could have developed advanced bows and slings, but they purposely chose not to, instead they walk the land with as few possessions as intelligently possible. Their one main weapon returns to them if is unsuccessful in making a kill. They were the first minimalists.  The Aborigines can communicate collectively for one of the features of their culture is  that members of the community never steal from or cheat another, they are thus unguardedly open and trusting and, with careful training, naturally telepathic.

            Aborigines exercise a great deal of respect for the natural world. If an aborigine child carelessly picks up a stick and tosses it, an elder gently reminds him to find the stick and return it. For the book of life is extremely generous and when it is properly respected, it will tell you of everything you need to survive and flourish… if you listen – this is how the aborigine lives. There is no agenda when one starts the day, there is no need to predict where food is to come from, it will come if one is open. One is always walking in the grace of dreamtime.

            To the aborigine sex and spirituality are one and the same. The most profound form of sensuality is also one of the most direct avenues to god. Yes, it also can result in reproduction, but it is more than some vestigial animal tendency that Mr. Darwin, Sir Francis Bacon, the Catholic, in fact almost all churches and religions, despise. It is a source of life, vitality, creativity and illumination. That is, until we were told that we ate the apple of knowledge and were reminded of the guilt of our our original sin - a convenient concept... by one of  our most enduring entities – the church.

            Dreamtime followers don’t own property, don’t make war; they make music, tell stories and engage life as a ritual.  In dreamtime there is no border between the conscious and the subconscious. As the hunter-gatherer tribes walked the world they were also a part of the book of the world. When mankind began to make borders and war to protect their cattle and crops, they also turned the earth they walked on into a resource to be exploited. As a farmer and herder they looked to the sky for rain and sun. Thus the gods  slowly gravitated to the heavens. Once established, the sky gods were dramatic; they fought, argued and copulated, myths were created. Then the final one god gave his child to the world via divine puritan virgin conception, and this son of god never exhibited any sexual conduct. Through this example the churches compelled their followers to control their sexual celebrations and slowly transformed these celebrations into puritan rituals such as Easter and  communion. This suppression of sexual nature was to some degree necessary in early times, for it helped encourage the of stability family unity. Then the reformation/inquisition and Judeo-Christian evangelical form of colonization set out to gradually destroy and convert any vestigial form of nature/earth worship.

           Aborigines define themselves by place, not time. We  21st centurians travel from home to work to provide for our lives, We Eurocentric citizens have careers, agendas, goals; and at any one given time are on one rung of a ladder that we are continually climbing. We are always in transit, as time leads on to the next rung. The aborigines, by choice, had no house to call home – except where they were at the time – they had no work to go to, no clothes or tools to purchase, no money, and no land.  The one thing that defined their reality was their surroundings, the place where they were; as a result, all local geographical features became paramount and all their stories and myths were related to the features of the land.  Birth, death and all major events of a life were linked to the terrain and environment of the event, not the time.

         The aborigine culture recognizes the intuitive supremacy of the female; males, on the other hand, must go through a series of demanding rituals and teachings before one is even considered mature enough to start a family - usually at around the age of 32. Guided by their ancestral wisdom, aborigine elders recognize that male energy needs to be carefully mentored well into the early 30’s, and males who are not able outgrow adolescent aggression and over competitiveness may be barred from marriage for life. Western culture also promoted an ancestral doctrine although it was used in a different manner. The concept of original sin, also known as “ancestral sin”, beckoned back to the widely accepted myth of the fall of Adam and Eve and the fall of mankind which has supposedly encouraged the continuance of despicable animalistic tendencies, in particular, the enjoyment of sexual congress.  The Aboriginal branch of the human race chose patience and forbearance to nurture sexual maturity while western culture chose the tools of shame and guilt to control society which in many cases led to sexual repression resulting antisocial even sociopathic behavior.

          At the risk of heading for purgatory – or worse, recent scientific enquiries have concluded that there are many benefits gained from engaging in regular healthy sexual activity. A survey conducted at Queens University, Belfast, that tracked the mortality of over 700 middle-aged subjects over a period of 10 years concluded that increased sexual engagement results in: lower risk of heart disease, weight loss, improved immune and endocrine health, better skin tone, improved bladder control, better teeth, reduced depression, stronger bones and muscles, improved sense of smell and a longer lifetime. These findings were published in the British Medical Journal, 1997, visit: and   Dr. Michael Roizen of the Wellness Institute of the Cleveland Clinic has also published research into the benefits of regular sexual activity. There is also a vast body of work going back almost 5000 years to the wisdom of the Yellow Emperor who lived to the age of 111. In his treatise, he claims that he maintained his good health utilizing the regenerative power of properly channeled sexual energy. Australian Daniel P. Reid, in his book The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity, he explains the history and practice of “the Way” or Tao.

         In Aboriginal culture, both sexes are sexually active at all ages. Women consider themselves beautiful and attractive into very old age and are sexually active until death. Birth control is carefully exercised by the elders to keep the tribe at an optimum size. For over 100,000 years the Aboriginal tribe never over populated the continent, or fought among themselves. At the end of that time when the Australian continent was “discovered” by Europeans, the land was so seemingly untouched that it was first thought to be uninhabited, though at that time there were several million native inhabitants.

        The aborigines do not entertain the concept of immortality, in fact they have obliterated it. Once a person has died, their name is completely erased from the language; their name is never spoken again and all the few possessions that belonged to that person are buried with owner. No legacy, no inheritance. None. Even the birthplace and death location of a person who has recently died is avoided for several years.

           Charles Darwin portrayed the order of the natural world as one of constant struggle in which “survival of the fittest” reigned. He was wrong. Biologists are now finding that the natural world is a generally cooperative and self-balancing community. Darwin claimed that species gradually evolved as backward and useless traits were gradually eliminated via random mutations. He was wrong. Evolution is a quantum phenomenon. There are no gradual series of slowly evolving missing links. It has been discovered that new species suddenly appear fully developed in their new form. It is as if latent patterns in DNA don’t manifest until the final switch is flipped, and then, all of a sudden a species that has been bubbling just below the surface finally bursts on to the scene making a quantum appearance.


          Darwin put the human white male at the top of the ladder as the penultimate expression of biological evolutionn. Darwin may have been wrong at that one too. The human genome is composed of 3 billion protein building blocks carefully stacked. If Darwin was right we might assume that the human genome is the largest most complex genome, being the most advanced and all. Wrong. We have 3 gigs of data in our genome; the salamander DNA has 690 gigs. Darwin reaffirmed the basic social architecture of the western materialistic philosophy that has been fully embraced by our Eurocentric culture.. Which has spread the world as the dominant paradigm…ensuring that we ever-expanding  7 billion strong will eventually starve our planet of its life as we choke to death in the smoke of our toy factories.

         Dreamtime is the oldest, purest and most sustainable form of human existence. Perhaps in some way it can be incorporated into our present way of life. We don’t have to drop all our possessions and go on walkabout, but perhaps there is some way we can combine the best of both. From the aboriginal perspective, one of the most harmful addictions humans have and that makes us high, is the high we get when we make more money and have more money. If 7 billion are going to make it, we need to work together and learn to share and to enjoy life more by using less. True richness is in beauty -- and it is all around us. If you would like to delve further into the Aboriginal culture, look up the writings of Robert Lawlor.

           The adoption of Aboriginal values might begin with each of us acknowledging the impact that our personal material life has on the survival of this planet…and then to take some personal responsibility for it. Children leave their messes behind for someone else to clean up; in some ways, our childhood is over… weather we like it or not.

               Humanity finds itself on a trajectory leading from pure earth towards embracing pure technology. The Aborigines using a certain kind of wisdom chose a path as close as possible to pure earth reverence while most of us other tribes have been enraptured by technology. Along the ascent leading us to the 2001 space odyssey, the Aborigines stepped off at close to the ground floor while the rest of us are rushing headlong into the post-fractal techtronic  future. Where are we leading ourselves…and when will we find the balance?


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