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We All Have a secret passage within us that is part of the architecture of our brain. We do have within us the capacity to consciously connect with Higher Intelligence. This passage way is activated by the pineal gland when it secretes a hormone similar to melatonin. We call this secretion METAtonin, a similar but Higher Octave of melatonin. The chemically active ingredient in METAtonin is known as DMT. We have attempted to compile all the relevant information on this subject complete with internet references so that you can learn about this wondrous gift that Each Of Us has been endowed with. 

Welcome to the METAtonin Research website. METAtonin is a close cousin of melatonin.  Melatonin, as you probably already know, is a secretion of the pineal gland that  encourages our consciousness to enter the sleeping state. METAtonin is from the same chemical family as melatonin; it is produced by the same gland and it also affects consciousness, but in a more pronounced way.  The METAtonin messenger does not suppress waking self-consciousness the same way melatonin does during sleep; instead it modifies the borders of consciousness by temporarily reprogramming our brain circuitry in a unique way allowing self consciousness to separate from body consciousness while remaining aware. The main psychoactive ingredient in METAtonin is chemically known as DiMethyl Tryptamine or DMT.

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Introduction: Consciousness and the Pineal Gland     

      The pineal gland has always held an elevated status in the records of most ancient cultures. Today it is credited with its ability to secrete melatonin and regulate our circadian cycles, but where is there mention of it being “the third eye” or “the window of the soul”? Recent scientific discoveries have begun to reveal just how significant the pineal gland really is. Each family of glands in the endocrine system secrete hormones that stimulate certain aspects of bodily function: reproduction, metabolism, growth, etc. The pineal gland secretes hormones that modulate the state of consciousness. The hormone that stabilizes waking consciousness is serotonin – which is produced by several glands in the body. The pineal gland stores a high concentration of serotonin and converts it to melatonin, the hormone that stabilizes our sleeping state which is produced every night on a regular basis. Using a similar conversion process, the pineal gland can also produce a more complex form of melatonin which we call METAtonin, a higher octave of melatonin. Melatonin puts waking self-consciousness to sleep while the body continues to function, rest and repair; METAtonin goes one step further by allowing waking self-consciousness to remain awake but free from its connection to the resting physical body. Melatonin functions on a daily basis, METAtonin is rarely, if ever, produced. Melatonin is easy to detect in the blood; METAtonin is not, for there is a scavenger in the blood that readily destroys it. METAtonin is elusive, yet very powerful and it plays a very important role in understanding the full potential of the human experience.

          This paper is a reference guide to the pineal hormone METAtonin whose main active ingredient is DMT also known as “the Spirit Molecule” as popularized in the well-known book by Dr. Rick Strassman. Technically, METAtonin is serotonin (a tryptamine) with two methyl groups attached to it hence: DiMethylTryptamine. Melatonin is serotonin with only one methyl group attached, it is a methyltryptamine and when it was first discovered in human blood, it was given the generic name of melatonin. DMT was not first discovered in human blood, in fact it is found throughout nature in the plant kingdom and is produced in over 30 tissues in the human body. It can also be chemically synthesized and is sold on the street as a recreational drug and is now designated as a class I illegal drug. We use the term METAtonin as a generic name for the DMT-based secretion of the pineal gland. The term appeared to me in 2002 as a typographical error, but it seemed to be to be very apt – METAtonin, a higher octave of melatonin. Actually this term first appeared in book “The Invisible Landscape” by Terrance and Dennis MeKenna, published in 1975, apparently a typo as well.*

        It has long been suspected that the pineal gland secrets some type of neurochemical messenger and several famous authors have suspected that it was DMT based. Recently several scientific discoveries have verified this suspicion. It has been proven that the human pineal gland has a cellular structure that is capable of producing DMT and furthermore it has been proven by the Cottonwood Research Foundation of New Mexico that the pineal gland of rodents do indeed produce endogenous DMT. Rodents and humans have a very similar cellular structure and that is why they are used for endocrine research. It may be a while before it is verified that elusive METAtonin is produced by the human brain for it is difficult to obtain samples of hormones produced in the center of the brain, and furthermore this hormone is produced only rarely. Exact details of research progress appear near the end of this paper.

        Pineal secreted METAtonin allows us to experience an enhanced dimension of human consciousness.  The first dimension, pure unfettered self consciousness, was experienced in the womb from about the 49th day of gestation until  birth. Upon birth our self-consciousness is suddenly thrown  into the physical world of the additional dimensions of space and time.  In this new dimension of consciousness one is assaulted with 5 physical senses, the flow of time and the awareness of being a separate body. As we grow we become accustomed to the parameters of this body and also develop an instinctive bodyguard awareness of the ego. By the time we are 7 years old our self-ego-body identity consciousness is well formed and it becomes our basic mode of existence and binding force of our human physical existence until we die and again return to the unfettered bodyless state of consciousness or Consciousness Beyond Life, that is, beyond human life.

          However there is an additional dimension of human consciousness that can be experienced during a lifetime, when, under the influence of METAtonin, the brain circuitry is so modified that self consciousness is able to separate from ego/body consciousness, and travel in the many levels of consciousness that exist in parallel to the physical world including the world of dreams, archetypes, psychological imagery, spiritual realities and parallel planes of consciousness.  The pathway to this enhanced level of consciousness is available to all humans; it is hard-wired into our brain architecture, like a homing circuit, although it is rarely activated. Those of us who pursue creative/spiritual lifestyles usually learn to temporarily access or at least get a glimpse of these alternate perspectives; this being one of the main sources of inner inspiration, creation and illumination.  This dimension of illumination is accessed by special stimulation of the pineal gland which then formulates the secretion, METAtonin, whose main active ingredient, DMT allows one to enter this additional dimension of human consciousness or OBC, Out-of-Body Consciousness.  An event of this nature rarely occurs in the course of a lifetime -maybe only once, but when it does, it is not forgotten and in many cases it results in the development of a whole new perspective on life.

 The potential for internally produced DMT-based METAtonin to influence the circuitry of the brain has been an ever-present component of human existence and throughout history the influence of its effect may have played a part in many of our greatest discoveries and epiphanies. In fact, the Greek word for the pineal gland is “epiphysis” from which the word epiphany is derived . The pineal gland is also referred to as the “third eye” in many eastern religions, The pineal gland is also referred to in the King James Bible. Though misspelled as "peniel", many scholars believe that the place "Peniel" where Jacob encountered the face of God after wrestling with an angel is actually a reference to the pineal gland. Quote, Genesis 32:30 "And Jacob called the name of the place Peneil: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved". The importance of the pineal gland is also recognized by most of the advanced ancient cultures:   Egyptian, Druidic, Hindu, Hasidic, Islamic, Taoist, Mayan, Tibetan and Aboriginal cultures to mention a few. METAtonin is the active pineal gland secretion that dissolves the borders of consciousness and can act as a portal to the universe of the subconscious and hyper physical phenomena; one of these phenomena is commonly known as an out-of-body or OBE experience; another is the NDE or Near Death Experience, both of which will be discussed later on. The pineal gland is so named due to its similarity in shape to the pine cone, a symbol that is used in many religious themes including the giant pine cone statue at the Vatican and the pine cone at the top of the pope's staff.

          Science has yet to confirm whether consciousness itself has a physical component, and though several experiments in this area have been made, none are conclusive. It is generally assumed that consciousness could not exist without the framework of the brain, but again, this has yet to be proven. Consciousness appears to be a form of software with a unique self-renewing, self- knowing feedback loop that is cradled in the circuitry of the brain, that much is known. Discoveries in quantum and theoretical physics have have further encouraged  inquiry into the phenomenon of consciousness, for it appears to be one of the fundamental formative forces in the universe, be sure to visit chapter two for further information.


         Several researchers have also suggested that the pineal gland may prove to be more than just a hormone production gland, it may also contribute visual imagery to our visual cortex, a second visual platform. The pineal gland may be a third eye, but it is not a third eyeball. It has no lens, pupil or iris, but it does have a retina. The primary cell found within the structure of the pineal gland, the pinealocyte, is an evolutionary derivative of the photoreceptor cells found in the retina of the eye, so it is possible that the pineal gland is a receptive to some wave spectrum via crystalline particles found throughout the gland whose signal can then be converted into visual imagery via the pinealocytes. This will be discussed later on.

          The contents of this article are based on observed scientific phenomena, and we will begin with a technical discussion of the main active portal chemical itself: DMT. As mentioned earlier, synthetically produced DMT when it is sold on the street is categorized as a class-one controlled illegal substance. The neurohormone METAtonin contains this same chemical, but, as such, it is internally produced and is an essential component of our neurological, psychological and spiritual makeup.  METAtonin performs an essential psychological function during gestation, early childhood and during the death process and at times in the midst of our lives....a function that we can all benefit from understanding.

Origin of the word METAtonin 

          Presently, there is no way to differentiate the pure chemical DMT (an illegal substance) from the internally produced, or endogenous, form.  The name METAtonin is an attempt to differentiate these two: the natural source from the synthetic: here is the logic> melatonin and METAtonin are both derivatives of serotonin. Serotonin is of the tryptamine family; Melatonin is of the methyltryptamine family and METAtonin is a of the dimethyltryptamine family.  Melatonin is a derivative of serotonin (serotonin + one methyl molecule), METAtonin is a derivative of Melatonin (melatonin + one methyl molecule). Each of these is a higher octave of the previous one. Hence METAtonin, a higher octave of melatonin.  Each of these hormones neurochchemically shapes the state of consciousness in a unique way.

          Serotonin is an extremely versatile neurohormone that regulates digestion, growth, reproduction, aging, bone metabolism, cardiovascular function and in the brain it modulates learning, memory and psychological well-being and is therefore the target of many anti-depressant drugs. Serotonin is principally produced by liver and intestines and is delivered throughout the body via the cardiovascular system. The pineal gland also produces serotonin and contains the most serotonin rich-tissue in the human body. The serotonin in the pineal gland is not destined to directly influence the brain though, it is kept in reserve mainly for the production of the pineal hormones melatonin and METAtonin.

           Melatonin production is instigated by the pineal gland in periods of darkness via indirect stimulation from the optic nerve, and this neurohormone modulates our sleeping state. Melatonin allows waking self-consciousness to rest, so that our body consciousness can focus on its work of repairing itself without the meddling distractions of the ego/body consciousness and the various physical activities of the body associated with the waking state. Melatonin silences self-consciousness, METAtonin goes one step further. For a more detailed explanation of melatonin production, the function of the suprachiasmatic nuclei and circadian rhythms, visit:

         METAtonin allows self-consciousness to remain active and simultaneously separate from the sleeping body. Unlike melatonin,  METAtonin, is not produced on a regular daily basis in fact, it is very rarely produced except in crucial situations, also it is not primarily delivered to its target, the central brain, via the blood; for once DMT enters the blood supply, it is immediately destroyed by the DMT scavenger monoamineoxidaise, MAO. For this reason, unlike all other hormones, it is very difficult to measure METAtonin, endogenous DMT, levels in the blood. Since it is rarely produced and, furthermore, difficult to detect by standard methods, METAtonin earns its first attribute of being elusive. Its second attribute is that it is also extremely powerful: as in its chemical acronym DMT, which is very apt, it is the DynaMiTe of hormones. Adrenaline empowers the body in crucial situations, METAtonin similarly empowers consciousness by modulating the neural network of the brain in crucial and enlightening conditions by allowing self-conscious to escape the confines of the physical body. Hence, METAtonin is both powerful and at the same time elusive.

         A simple analogy that I use is to compare the states of consciousness that the pineal gland modulates is the analogy of a jet pilot. Considering the major occupations of a pilot, who is either is landed on the ground (as in sleeping, melatonin) or cruising in the air (flying, awake, serotonin) plus there is a third option that may never be used but must always be accessible at all times, and that is the emergency ejection seat. METAtonin is the escape option, it allows the self-aware consciousness circuit to escape its normal task of overseeing the body. When activated, which is rarely called for, METAtonin has a profound effect on consciousness, booting it to an altogether unfamiliar realm.

         The actual process of METAtonin production takes place when the pineal gland internally secrets an enzyme called methyltransferase (INMT) that catalyzes two methyl groups to combine with a serotonin molecule, thus resulting in  endogenous DMT or METAtonin. When needed, the pineal gland can produce a surge of METAtonin that is immediately delivered to the central brain via the cerebral spinal fluid and possibly the blood if the heart is functioning at that time .  Endogenous or internally secreted DMT is also produced by other organs such as the lungs, the retina, the thyroid gland and many other body tissues in varying amounts. In normal situations, endogenous DMT produced by these organs enters the blood stream where it is quickly destroyed by MAO. Due to the presence of this scavenger, METAtonin produced in the brain cannot be accurately detected by sampling blood serum.

          Endogenous DMT in the blood, even in small amounts can have a subtle debilitating effect on one’s normal state of consciousness and mental equilibrium, for this reason a common blood-borne  MonoAmine Oxidase, MAO, continually scours the blood and destroys any trace amounts of endogenous DMT. When activated, the pineal gland produces a surge of METAtonin that is quickly absorbed by the central brain before MAO can destroy it; this surge is quick and intense enough for self consciousness to make the quantum leap from an integrated state of combined self/body consciousness to distinctly separated states of free-floating self consciousness and auto pilot body maintenance consciousness. This quantum leap can sometimes induce a great deal of psychological turmoil, particularly if the subject is not prepared for the experience and naturally tries to resist it - which happens quite often. 

 METAtonin and the creation of neural pathways

        The three pound human brain consumes 1/5th of the total electrical power produced by the body or about 25 watts/hour. There is no doubt that the brain is obviously a computer-like bioelectrical organ, but a closer look at the 85 billion neutrons that comprise the circuitry of the brain will reveal that the surface skin of each neuron is made up of thousands of "taste buds" or receptors. When these receptors are stimulated, they alter the actual circuitry of the neuron. In a sense the neurons provide the electrical framework of brain but it is neurohormones that establish and modify the actual operating systems, that is, neurons and glial cells comprise the hardware of the brain and neurochemicals are the software. Therefore the brain should be seen as a bioelectrochemical collaboration. 

        Like its sisters, METAtonin molecules lock into the receptors of a discrete family of neurons in the brain (5-HT2A receptors). When these Sigma-1 neuron receptors of the METAtonin-sensitive family are stimulated, they temporarily create a new neuron pathway in the brain architecture, a new consciousness feedback loop, much like a hyperlink in a computer program. 
In addition, DMT  stimulates TAARs (trace amine associated receptors) that are also known to accelerate synaptic activity. This temporary alteration results in a heightened self-directed consciousness that is temporarily separated from its usual assignment: body consciousness and its chief caretaker, the ego.

          When it receives the appropriate signal from another area of the brain, the pineal gland can produce a surge of METAtonin that will saturate the cerebral spinal fluid in the surrounding brain area for a short while.  By no strange coincidence, the pineal gland is located in the very center of the brain at the junction of the main ventricle through which cerebral spinal fluid flows throughout the brain and, in particular, which surrounds its nearest neighbor, the thalamus, which is the central juncture for all incoming and outgoing cranial signals (see the Seat of Consciousness section).  Suddenly the body enters an autonomous state much like auto-pilot, and self consciousness is allowed to exit the confines of the brain/body circuitry via the METAtonin pathway. Thus, one is entering Out-of-Body Consciousness. Usually those who experience a sudden separation of self consciousness from host body consciousness when they are unprepared for it, find the sensation to be extremely frightening and disorienting. In many cases unprepared people who experience such a sudden separation may think that they have temporarily gone insane, and, when the experience has passed, do their best to erase it from their memory. Experiences that have no memory tag or cultural reference become easily dissolved. The purpose of this article and the many others like it is to bring the concept of the pineal gland and the Out-of-Body Experience phenomenon into common vernacular.

 Sleep Paralysis and the hypnagogic state

         When an unprepared person first encounters the state of free-floating consciousness brought on by a METAtonin release, the initial effect may seem like total body paralysis, since self consciousness has been relieved of its association with the body and has temporarily lost control of it. The most common form of sleep paralysis is encountered at the borders of sleep.  Clinically, if one experiences sleep paralysis upon waking, this is known as hypnopompic sleep paralysis ( If the sensation is felt when entering a sleep state, then it is called a hypnagogic event. In this state, the body framework and body over control have been placed in autopilot, similar to the sleeping state, i.e. self consciousness is fully aware, but it has been relieved of its’ responsibility for the host body. This can be a very frightening until the subject realizes that he/she has been freed of the restraints of, and responsibility for, the body and is now able to travel anywhere consciousness determines, just by using the vector of thought.  Personally, I experienced six sleep paralysis episodes before I overcame the panic an fear associated with unexpected paralysis and allowed myself to fly free.

          The unfolding of an Out-of-Body experience is not always accompanied by sleep paralysis, the transition can sometimes be more gradual: one can slowly make the transition with precisely tuned aid visual or auditory stimulation.  Recently, two Austrian scientists  psychologist Dr. Engelbert Winkler and Dr. Dirk Proeckl have developed a device known as the Lucia Light Simulator that uses specially timed flashing lights to activate the hypnogogic state of mind via the optic nerve.  This device is described by the two inventors in an interview with Anthony Peake:  This device is now being produced and marketed in Europe: and the US and is claimed to create a “hypnogogic light experience” that may be used to encourage physical and psychological healing.

 The grip of the Ego

         Our body creates a very strong bond with our self-consciousness through the development of the ego, which is absolutely essential for physical survival. As we mature, particularly in egocentric Western society, the ego and consciousness become inseparable; to attempt the separation of the two is not an easily accomplished task. Our ego does not want to encourage such a separation, and the ego will usually musters up its full arsenal of fearful emotions at the onset of such a separation in order to retain the bond between self consciousness and the physical host. The main function of the ego is, after all, is to protect and encourage the integrity of body-centered consciousness and body survival. The vanity fair ego doesn't want consciousness to wander off from its appointed task. In a sense, the ego guards the gates to the entrance of the portal, and it can do a very effective job. Martin Ball Ph.D. does a very good job of describing this:

          However, there are certain circumstances that can instigate a METAtonin cascade. At the onset of a natural METAtonin event one may have to pass through a curtain of ego-induced fear that may be accompanied by the additional sensation of body paralysis. Preceding the sensation of this paralysis, there may be a pulsing "whuffing" sound/pressure wave that seems to come from all sides. The immediate sensation is that one is being trapped, trapped inside a paralyzed body, however this is an emotional misinterpretation - actually, one is being released. The body is being suspended and protected so that consciousness is free to roam.  This can amount to an altogether frightening yet enlightening experience. Once past the gamut of the ego fear grip, consciousness is suddenly free to roam beyond the body. Those who take the synthetic path and partake of an appropriate dosage of synthetic DMT usually experience an accelerated transition without any ego grip and are literally popped out of their body instantly.

          It is important to make a distinction here: when one uses an outside source of chemical stimulation to change the state of consciousness, one is entering a state of altered consciousness; when one is experiencing a higher state of consciousness that is stimulated by a natural, internal, endogenous hormone, one has entered  state of enhanced consciousness; a state of consciousness that is an important facet of human experience, one that we are intended to experience during a lifetime and one that we most certainly will at the time of death.

 METAtonin as a gateway to transcendent reality

         It is believed that METAtonin is found at high concentrations in the blood of children during gestation, at birth and up to the age of three or more. The theory is that METAtonin plays a very important role in the introduction of self consciousness to the individual during early childhood and, also plays a very similar, yet reverse role as we approach the separation of self consciousness from the body at death. In a Federally sponsored study conducted by Dr. Rick Strassman, author of The Spirit Molecule, at the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque, subjects were intravenously fed synthetic METAtonin (DMT) at elevated levels ( Many of these subjects described experiences very similar to the near death experiences as reported by both Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in her book, On Death and Dying, ( and Dutch cardiologist Dr. Pim Van Lommel in his book: Consciousness Beyond Life.  Thus METAtonin may play the very important dual role of ushering our eternal consciousness into our body during gestation, birth, and infantile stages, and the reverse role of ushering the previously ego-bound consciousness back to its eternal state when we die. Dr. Van Lommel also suspects that pineal secreted DMT, METAtonin, is responsible for facilitating this dual transition. It has been verified that the level of endogenous DMT is elevated in newborns but elevated levels have not yet been verified for gestation and early adolesence,  nor have elevated levels been established to be present in the central brain near the time of death. 

           METAtonin may also be released at other times during a lifetime to create an epiphany, either spontaneously or by design. The experience sparked by a METAtonin release contains two essential qualities: First, one is very calmly and truly fully conscious, fully awake and sober; and, second, one also finds oneself in a place that is totally unnatural and, yet, it may strangely feel very much like being at home again, thus, OBC, Out-of-Body Consciousness. For example: one is fully awake and finds oneself floating above their own body and is able to fly wherever their thoughts take them, or they may be transported to a unique otherworldly culture; some experience a tunnel of light leading to the center of the galaxy or to an angelic realm.  An extremely emotional or painful experience can trigger a METAtonin cascade: suddenly one is swept above their immediate locality to see themselves and their situation at a great distance and with a great understanding and awe. METAtonin induced experiences are generally short lived, but they can have a very lasting, life-altering effect. Furthermore, if the METAtonin release takes place while one is sleeping, one will find themselves fully awake and in conscious control of their dream state commonly known as "lucid dreaming".

           Higher intelligence and consciousness exists at the quantum-entangled time transcendent infinitely intelligent universal macro-micro all-pervasive level. Humans exist on a limited mental/physical single-track time-space level. DMT or METAtonin can act as a consciousness quantum booster if properly ingested and prepared for. This is a huge jump for our limited consciousness to take, so be warned.  Of course, METAtonin is not ingested, it is naturally secreted by our body when such an event is internally called for; DMT, on the other hand, can be purchased on the street. Extreme care are should be taken if this artificial short cut approach is experimented with. DMT is unlike any other mind-altering substance. It won't get you "high". In fact, "you" won't even be there. According to the accounts of those who have partaken of a full fledged synthetic DMT dosage, the traveler immediately passes out and revives about 10 minutes later. During that 10 minutes one is booted to a parallel plane of existence that can be exhilarating, nightmarish, extra-terrestrial, inspirational or all of the above.  This is not a drug to be experimented with lightly... it is a federally classified class one illegal substance for good reason. Those who do use carefully prepared DMT-based brews in a religious context, such as the shamans of Peru, go through years of extensive training. For those who seek information on proper preparation and consumption of DMT-based entheogens, consult:
The Entheogenic University. The term "entheogenic" is slowly replacing the term "psychedelic". An entheogen is a natural substance that brings one into the feeling of being in the presence of God.

         Some prefer the natural approach; start meditating and concentrate on the pineal, if you can extend the periods of mind-silence, things will begin to happen. It worked for me, although I had no particular goal in mind at the time. I was a serious practitioner of meditation in the early 70's and, after a series of sleep paralysis episodes, I had a major Shakti METAtonin breakthrough in 1973 that was totally unexpected and completely life-transforming. At first I just accepted my experience, but after a while the scientist in me began to inquire. It wasn't until the year 2000 that things came into focus and the result of my inquiries led to the development of this web resource.

 Shaping the METAtonin experience

          In most cases the intensity of a METAtonin/DMT experience is influenced by the original intent of the traveler, the traveler’s state of mind and the surrounding physical environment . If the traveler has no intent or direction in mind, the event may end up being euphoric or catastrophic. On the other hand, if the traveler is well-informed, mentally prepared and has calmed and focused the mind with some form of meditation, the results will be greatly enhanced; see the "Setting and Mindset" section.

          One who is interested in this phenomenon may want to experience a service at the church of Santo Daime that has several branches in the US and many more worldwide. This syncretic (or reconciliatory) church originated in Brazil; as part of the church ritual, the congregation partakes of a mild natural daime (or ayahuasca, ) DMT- based tea, then the group is led through an inspirational group meditation. The church setting provides a very supportive, caring atmosphere. For info visit: Several court cases objecting to the use of daime have been brought before the U.S. Supreme Court, to date all these cases have been decided in favor of the church. 

         There are also many forms of meditation that are oriented towards attaining a natural METAtonin experience or Shakti kundalini, this is a slower, steadier path, but, then again, the results usually prove be more lasting.

         In many indigenous cultures specially trained shamans use herbaceous compounds to activate the METAtonin neural pathways, such as the Peruvian shamans, , who focus on the plant world to obtain information on herbaceous healing compounds.  According to Dr. Jeremy Narby, author of The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge, over 74% of today's pharmacopoeia's plant based formulas come from indigenous societies. The rights to the formulation of these herbal mixtures are usually sold to major pharmaceutical companies who then synthesize them. Other travelers, such as ancient Mayan astronomers used their chemically induced trance states to glean accurate information on the size, age and major cycles of our solar system, our galaxy and nearby stars without telescopes. Australian archeologists have found cave paintings made by aboriginal shamans that graphically illustrate gene duplication; this is usually only observable through a high power electron microscope (see Jeremy Nearby’s book).  All of these visionaries are raised in a culture that respects and culturally accepts such travels. Shamans who engage in such explorations are trained from childhood in the art of navigating the subconscious realm, which is no place for the amateur. To do well in the uncharted realm of the unconscious one must be psychologically balanced, true of heart and possess a clean conscience; no hidden agendas here, thoughts themselves take shape and have great power,

METAtonin and early childhood 

          The things that young children sometime say contain gems of wisdom that show that they have a profound awareness and connection with Higher Intelligence. That is because our METAtonin levels are very high at this very early and wondrous age. So, too, is the size of the pineal gland which is enlarged and steadily decreases until puberty. The veil is slowly lowered and eventually all that remains is a shady memory and a lost sense of wonder. Many child psychologists, philosophers, poets and artists refer to these enchanting memories of lost childhood  in their works such as the Magical Child series by Joseph Chilton Pearce and the poems of William Blake to mention a few.

          The pineal gland begins to function in the developing human fetus around the 49th day after conception, and at first it is located in the back of the throat and then gradually moves upward and inward during gestation to be finally located in the center of the brain. This progression results in the creation a small duct known as the crainalpharyngeal canal connecting the back of the throat to the pituitary/hypothalmus/pineal complex. This duct is usually sealed by bone tissue in early childhood, though in some cases it may persist into adulthood. This may explain the acrid slightly metallic taste in the back of the throat that is sometimes associated with a hormone release from the central brain. This "nectar" most likely originates from the pituitary gland but may also involve a collaboration with the pineal gland. Certain oriental texts refer to this secretion as the "nectar of sublime awareness" or amrita that is produced by deep meditation focused on the highest chakra: the pineal gland, or third eye, visit: This secretion is also referred to in the Druid culture of British Isles as the "grail" itself. Isn't it ironic and really not so surprising that the Holy Grail - an invaluable treasure sought after by thousands of deeply dedicated souls throughout history - is actually a gift available to each and every one of us from the very center of our brain? This metallic taste in the back of the mouth has also been refered to as the "taste in your throat when you know that you are going to die" 

          It is quite likely that most of us have had endogenous DMT experiences before the age of 3, though this period of life grows more and more difficult to remember as we mature.  Subjective experiences that stem from the unconscious, like dreams, are quickly reabsorbed into the unconscious unless a determined effort is made to remember them. It is the same with pineal gland METAtonin activated events, usually these are unexpected and are difficult to describe, we have no common vernacular to describe these events which makes it difficult to anchor them into our memory. It is even more difficult when we are very young and are still in are process of developing our language skills. This is one of the main purposes of this article which is to familiarize us with one of our hidden gifts by giving it a name and a logical framework, with this in place it makes it easier for us to recognize hyper consciousness experiences of our personal past and the experiences of others that we may have heard of.

 Five types of METAtonin events
         The pineal gland METAtonin induced experiences can be categorized in several ways, basically differentiating intentional from spontaneous events. They have been separated into 5 basic groups:

1) The first group (type 1) is based on mental focus and a desire for transformation: a state of transcendent bliss, ecstasy or enlightenment that is consciously sought after though focus of the mind or dedication to a spiritual discipline or a spiritual guide. 

    A) Nirvana, Satori, Samadhi, Enlightnement, Shakti Kundalini or God awareness: a state of inner peace and God connectedness attained through Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Yogic, Christian and other practices aimed at elevated consciousness. Elizabeth Gilbert in her book,
Eat, Pray, Love, described her personal shakti kundalini experience quite well. Certain forms of Tibetan Phowa meditation that result in an OBE state:,  In this context the pineal gland is functioning as the bardo bridge. Gopi Krishna, an advanced Indian yogi, maintains that when the pineal gland is activated by kundalini energy, the door to universal knowledge, evolution and genius is opened:
   B) Vision Quest: A Native American ritual involving fasting and prayer that results in a profound life-altering vision.

    C) Dreamtime: A cultivated state of mind that allows Australian Aborigines to raise themselves above the landscape and perceive the location of pathways and sources of water and food in what appears to be nothing more than an endless desert wilderness. Aborigines are true minimalists and pride themselves for using as few tools as possible in order to survive, instead they rely on their carefully cultivated ability to read the landscape with hyperconscious Dreamtime Ancestor awareness in order to unveil the locations of food, water, shelter and other necessities. (See page 4)

    D) Sufi enlightenment: An ecstatic transcendent spiritual discipline based on a special form of swirling dance, also Trancedance.

   E) Rapture and other states of transcendent experience that are the result of dedicated worship, prayer, devotion and/or abstinence. 

   F) Creative ecstasy: as experienced by many artists, as described in the books by Rollo May. 
  G) Extreme sports and athletic ecstasy as described in the upcoming  book Alchemy of Action by Doug Robinson and Norman Schaefer 

   H) Specialized brain stimulation. One device that uses light stimulation is the previously mentioned Lucia Light Simulator invented by Austrian researchers Dr. Engelbert Winkler and Dr. Dirk Proecke creates a "hypnagogic light experience" by using carefully timed flashing lights. You can visit one of the US distributors at: and there are now Lucia Light centers located in NYC ( and Boston ( Another device is the Shakti Helmet that, when used in conjunction with meditation, may help activate certain brain areas to initiate a METAtonin episode. Website: . There are several other mind-enhancing aids available; many use subliminal sound frequencies to induce a theta state of mental resonance that may also help trigger a METAtonin or OBE release. 

    I) Remote viewing, a mental discipline ultimately used by the CIA and the US Military to remotely view strategic targets. Russell Targ and others developed this talent at under contract of the US Government at the Sanford Institute. Remote viewers discovered the ring around Jupiter before it was verified by the NASA 
Pioneer 10 satellite and were involved with locating the hiding place of Saddam Hussein, website: Remote viewing has also been verified by research conducted at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Institute,

2) The second group (type 2) of phenomena that occur as a result of experiencing or enduring physical, mental or emotional extremes that result in OBC, Out-of-Body Consciousness

   A) Rebirthing, now known as Holotropic Breathwork is a transcendent experience that can be brought on by controlled hyperventilating with the help of an experienced guide. This process may result in activating rarely used METAtonin-synthetic pathways in the pineal gland or may in some way encourage the lungs to increase DMT production beyond normal levels.

   B) An ecstatic transcendent collective OBExperience can be experienced by members of an emotionally charged group, gathering, celebration, or revolutionary movement. 

   C) An extremely intense personal emotional or intellectual challenge can sometimes result in emotionally uplifting pivotal OBE, or epiphany. In his autobiography, R. Buckminster Fuller describes such an uplifting experience at a point of deep depression in his life; this experience completely changed his life; it gave him a new perception of himself and revealed to him a vision of how he could make his unique contribution to humanity. . Joseph Chilton Pearce in his
Spiritual Initiation and the Breakthrough of Consciousness, discusses these phenomena in the beginning chapters of this book. Edward and Emily Kelly in their book The Irreducible Mind - Toward a Psychology for the 21st Century devote a whole chapter to pivotal mystical experiences and the many studies that have been made about this subject. The Kellys recognize Strassman's work, but the book was published before the latest discoveries in pineal gland DMT production were announced.

   D)  Out-of-body Consciousness can be induced as an escape mechanism  by someone subjected to extreme pain, torture or dangerous emergency situation. In this case METAtonin is secreted to allow an individual to escape from an excruciating physical pain or trauma, as reported by many child abuse victims and victims of combat trauma, torture or extreme pain during an emergency. Hemingway in A Farewell to Arms  and Jack London in The Star Rover  describe such a situation. In his autobiography Charles Lindbergh states that he experienced  OBC  during his trans Atlantic flight due to the effects of extreme exhaustion. This is also discussed in chapter 3 of the book The Secrets of the Soul: Using Out-of-Body Experiences to Understand Our True Nature, by William Buhlman, titled ”Combat and Trauma induced out of body experiences”. Later on in this paper I mention an incident where a friend of mine relied on and out-of-body experience to deliver her from a life threatening situation. In this mode, the out-of –body phenomenon is functioning as a survival mechanism. Soldiers being debriefed after serving in combat situations are routinely warned not to discuss their combat OBExperiences after release.
The military may have kept records on battle induced Out-of-Body incidents, but they have not been released to the public. This topic has a tremendous potential for research. Out of Body Consciousness can occur both in the heat of battle and resurface much later as a common dissociative symptom of PTSD, see

   E) An out-of-body experience sought by those who use self-inflicted pain as a vehicle for transcendence, such as in the American Indian Sundance ceremony or self-flagellation, as practiced by certain devout Christian sects.

     F) An Out-of body experience can be an unintended side effect of sexual orgasm. Niomi Wolf in her book
Vagina describes the female brain – sexual organ connection to be more robust and variegated than the male connection due to the requirements of the birthing process. Several neurohormones are secreted by the pituitary gland during female orgasm including oxytocin (bonding),  dopamines (pleasure, reward) and norepinephrine. The production of the latter could possibly stimulate the production of endogenous DMT by the pineal gland resulting in an OBE.  Wolf does not mention the OBE phenomenon her book, visit: Dr. Jenny Wade describes OBEs in her book Transcendent Sex  The book is based on the narratives of 91 people who were not using drugs or practicing Tantric or other sexual or meditative techniques to bring about an altered state during sex. Visit; In her descriptions both sexes, usually in unison, achieved the experience.

     G) G-LOC or Gravity Induced Loss Of Conscious. Out-of-body events have been experienced by pilots in high-G situations both during maneuvers and in high-G simulators.

     H) There are many out-of-body epiphanies reported in the lives of many of our greatest leaders, writers, artists and researchers, as well as every day people.  Sometimes these episodes are simply reported as being touched by the hand of God. Usually the epiphany is the culmination of a long mental or emotional struggle.

3)  The third group, (type 3) is the out-of-body experiences as described by those who have undergone a near death experience, or NDE, as reported in the research of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Dutch cardiologist Dr. Pim Van Lommel, Dr. Rick Strassman and many others. Dr. Van Lommels' book, Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near Death Experience, is a scientific examination of real and accurate conscious memories of brain dead patients who witnessed operating room procedures that took place while their brains EEGs were flat lined. That is, their brain was clinically silent, their eyes were taped shut and their ears plugged and yet, repeatedly, after resuscitation the patients accurately recalled surgery room events that they had observed from above the surgery theater in detail. A skeptic at first, the intrigued cardiologist proceeded on a very scientific examination of the NDE phenomena and came to the same conclusion the Dr. Strassman did: that most likely candidate for such a phenomenon is DMT and its most likely source is none other than the pineal gland.  This book follows a methodical scientific and medical approach to a subject that has been long rejected by the scientific community and comes to the scientific conclusion that consciousness can exist beyond the parameters of the physical brain.  Of all the categories discussed in this paper, NDE evidence is the most convincing because the OBE subject is being carefully monitored during their experience and the subject can then verify their observations with the operation records of the surgery.
           Van Lommels' book was published in 2007 ( and youtube: states that recent studies in the U.S, and Germany suggest that 4.2% of the population has experienced a NDE. Recently, Dr. Eban Alexander, Harvard neurologist, has written several magazine articles and a book Proof of Heaven  that is based on profound NDE he experienced when all of his higher brain functions were immobilized by a severe case of meningitis, Be sure to visit the extensive website of the International Association of Near-Death Studies:

4)   The fourth group (type 4) of METAtonin-induced episodes is defined as those experiences that take place when one is asleep in a dream state. This is commonly known as “night flight”, in which one becomes fully awake, conscious and in control while one is still in a dream state. This may be a situation where both melatonin and METAtonin are working together. This connection has not been verified scientifically, although many experienced subjects in DMT injection sessions have noted that the DMT induced environment is very similar to the lucid dream environment.

The challenge of maintaining consciousness while in a dream state involves very a delicate mental balancing act. If one becomes fully, assertively conscious in the dream state, they will quickly wake up, but if one can remain in a passive state of consciousness as a quiescent observer without making any assertive thoughts or personal mental comments, the lucid dream experience will continue on. Meditation practice is a most beneficial way to quiet the ego and the everyday chatterbox mind so that one can maintain a state of quiet, observant, unobtrusive consciousness while witnessing and quietly directing the dream environment. There are many organizations that promote lucid dreaming such as: and as well as the works of several authors such as Stephen LeBerge, author of:
Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, visit:

5)  The fifth group (type 5) of phenomena is related to mental illness, which may result when METAtonin is continually produced in higher than normal amounts, or when MAO (monoamineoxidaise the DMT scavenger) production is for some reason inhibited and trace amounts of the METAtonin continually hamper thought and perception patterns in the brain. Schizophrenia is a likely candidate for this classification. It is a remarkably complex syndrome that has many symptoms that are similar to weak and strong elevated METAtonin states and METAtonin is found at higher than normal states in the urine of schizophrenic patients. The National Institute of Mental Health made some preliminary investigations into this issue in the 1970’s but the research was curtailed for political reasons and no definite conclusions were reached. See: and The Biological Basis of Schizophrenia, published by: Springer Netherlands, Chapter 10: The Biological Basis of Schizophrenia by J. A. Smith 1978 For more recent research visit:

          It is not uncommon for schizophrenia to develop during adulthood after living very normal lives. Those who have experienced the sudden adult onset of this mental disorder report the sensation of feeling out of focus with their mental placement in the body and the sudden ability to pick the thoughts of people who are passing by. It is a very disconcerting experience, especially when this sensation cannot be turned off and if there is no explanation for it. These symptoms are very similar to a mild METAtonin release that doesn’t result in a quantum jump of consciousness. This could be a result of an inhibition of the secretion of monoamine oxidase, MAO, whose job is to neutralize any trace amounts of METAtonin in the bloodstream, as previously mentioned. Autism has also been linked to a malfunctioning pineal gland. Please visit the autism section near the end this paper. 

            Please consider donating to Dr. Strassman's pineal gland research, see research section at this end of this article

 Incidence of METAtonin events

          If any of you readers have had an experience similar to those mentioned above, you are not alone. According to the Australian Institute of Para psychological Research, and the Journal for the Society of Psychical Research,, between 10% and 18% of the population have experienced an Out Of Body experience at least once in their lifetime.   Another website, the OBE Research Foundation, has collected data from thousands of recorded incidents and has cataloged information on OBE research.  Another organization dedicated to "remote viewing", offers a systematic course on how most any serious student can attain a disciplined Out of Body state of mind. This organization prefers to describe this skill as remote viewing and claims that, in the past, the US Military recognized the strategic importance of this skill and tried to develop it. (Spies don’t usually do well in a realm of absolute transparency). To our knowledge, none of the aforementioned organizations recognize the role of the pineal gland as the instigator of an OBConsciousness, they are more interested in the development and results of the phenomenon than in its origin.

 The Science of Out-of-Body Consciousness

           Presently, the scientific community is in the early stages of recognizing this phenomenon. METAtonin induced OBC events have been experienced by many of us in different degrees of intensity, and they have undoubtedly contributed to the inspiration of countless artists, researchers and writers of the past. Also, one must also question the validity of OBExperiences; does the brain fabricate the sensation of being out of the body by simply accessing past recollections? Or, indeed, is the OBE subject actually observing present real-time reality?  Perhaps there are several types of OBConsciousness, some being veridical (verifiably real) and some being hallucinatory. Anthony Peake in his recent book, The Out of Body Experience ( takes a very serious look at the validity of OBExperiences and comes to the conclusion that OBConsciousness is actually not out of the body but most likely take place within the realm of the brain itself or in a holographic personal parallel reality which he describes as an "intrasomaticexperience (experienced from within). That in actuality in an OBE one is never really witnessing the physical plane but and inner landscape. He furthermore suggests that the body, particularly every cell in the body, is a repository for information that OBConsciousness can access. His theory is that individual cells intercommunicate to create a holographic cloud of information and that within this cloud can be found micro Einstein-Rosen wormholes that allow OBConsciousness to access distant parts of the universe and parallel realities. Furthermore, this cloud may also resonate with the planetary morphogenetic field as described by Rupert Sheldrake in his book, A New Science of Life. The morphogenetic field is a repository of the DNA templates that resonate with each species and that evolve as each species evolves.

         Going beyond the personal DNA cloud, it is suspected that at a universal level there exists a force field or matrix that
permeates space and is an elemental DNA template that encourages random small particles to align themselves into a double helix. First discovered by Dr. Ignacio Pachecco  (see:  and further investigated by Professor Greg Morfill of the Max Planck Institute. In his experiment nonorganic dust, when held in the form of a plasma in zero gravity, automatically formed into helical structures similar to DNA, see: It appears that space may be programmed for life. Robert Lanza in his book Biocentrism comes to the same conclusion, but by a different process. This  biocentric universal life continuum encourages the spread of life throughout the universe and is a prime example of counterentropic forces at work.  The universe maintains an existential balance between entropic and counterentropic forces, and while a great deal of effort has been expended the in understanding entropy, research into counterentropy has just begun. Section 2 of this paper discusses this matter further.


        This speculation may seem a bit over the top, but recent discoveries at the Russian Academy of Sciences may actually verify the above and furthermore expand our comprehension of how DNA shapes our reality in more ways than just providing a genetic code. It all has to do with what our scientists call "junk" DNA; that 95% of DNA that seems to be useless repetitive information, The Russians under the leadership of biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjtor Garjajev have  pursued a much more wholistic approach and have come up with some surprising results: 

         The human genome project was a massive undertaking, it 
was essentially an examination and tabulation of molecular makeup of the human gene, no small feat in itself. However, it was basically a biological identification process and a very important first step. Dr. Garjajev, on the hand, assembled a team of biologists, physicists and linguistic experts and pursued a more "wide angle" approach to understanding DNA from a biophotonic (coherent light intercommunication) and linguistic perspective. Garjajev's linguistic experts detected the basic elements of a language structure in the sequences of "junk" DNA that mirrors and may prove to be the origin of basic human speech patterns (which was theorized by Noam Chomsky as early as the late 1950s). In a reverse manner, it was discovered and verified, human speech, under certain conditions, can actually modify the sequence pattern of DNA! Furthermore, DNA is actually a crystalline structure capable of supporting and producing coherent light (discovered by Dr. Alfred Fritz-Popp) which in turn provides a mode of synchronous communication for all the cells of the body as suggested by Dr.  Jeremy Narby. The collective crystalline structure of the body can also resonate and respond to the larger human morphogenetic field of evolving  collective human consciousness.  In addition, coherent light stimulated DNA creates a magnetic disturbance in the space it occupies. If the DNA is removed, the magnetic disturbance field remains in the vacuum space that the DNA molecule once occupied! This is known as the "DNA phantom effect". It is possible that this lingering magnetic field is actually a micro magnetic wormhole, indicating the the vibratory energy of DNA may also intermingle with small amounts of "dark ene
rgy" and provide a segue to parallel realities. Adherents of Out-of-Body Consciousness claim that the METAtonin-activated neural consciousness circuit is able to access parallel realities via the biophotonic cloud of information created by the cumulative presence and intercommunication of the 70 trillion DNA molecules in our body. Visit: http:// ,,  

        Another theory of consciousness and consciousness travel based on intracellular biophotonic coherent light transmission has been developed by American anesthesiologist Professor Stuart Hammerhoff and British theoretical physicist Professor Roger Penrose. Known as the Orch OR theory, it is based on the microscopic tubular structures that support communication within the cellular structure. Microtubules are made from tubulin molecules that arrange themselves into a helical tube with 13 molecules in the circumference. These microscopic tubes can be of varying length, up to a meter long in some instances. Microtubules define and create the structure of the cytoplasm of cells; they are crystalline molecule and can support coherent light pulses as small a single light proton. It has also been detected that in this microscopic environment that light as a wave form has been quantum reduced to a become a particle – which is exactly what happens in the macro world when light as a wave form is “observed” (by a conscious being)  and thus reduced to a particle form. When microtubules perform quantum reduction in a collective or orchestrated manner, a state of quantum coherence is established, this, they conclude is the fundamental building block of consciousness and may constitute the field from which OBConsciousness is launched. The main reason why these scientists focused on microtubules is because interference with microtubule function can reduce a human into a sleeping unconscious state and is the basis for many anesthetic procedures. Visit: or see interview with Hammerhoff: A 2014 review and update of this controversial 20-year-old theory of consciousness was recently published in Physics of Life Reviews. It claims that consciousness derives from  a deeper level, a finer scale of  activities within the brain neurons (and perhaps the astrocytes). Read more at: investigations are discussed by Anthony Peake in his sixth and latest book, The Infinite Mindfield, which includes discoveries regarding entheogens, neurobiophotonic networks and the Zero Point Field.

        Both of the above discussions touch on the subject of intracellular communication via coherent light. Recently Project ENCODE has determined that" junk" DNA actually contains the genome's hidden control circuitry. DNA is capable of performing thousands of different tasks, yet in the matrix of the body the DNA in each specific cell performs a discrete task. What informs the DNA as to it's specific function? How do the the 70 trillion DNA molecules communicate with each other? It seems that biophotonic light is the medium and if that is so, how is it transferred throughout the body? The answer to that question may be the  Bonghan duct network, a threadlike tissue  that permeates the body, envelopes every organ and even enters the lymphatic and blood vessels. These ducts can transfer DNA granules and may conduct coherent light signals. The distribution  of these ducts seems to mirror the classic acupuncture meridians. See: and:

            Terrance and Dennis McKenna in The Invisible Landscape published in 1975 postulate that the pineal secreted tryptamine/harmine presence in the consciousness circuit of the brain generates an electron spin resonance that creates a holographic standing wave field that draws its information from DNA neural/genetic code and extends its range via a superconducting phenomenon to the quantum level that also resonates with human thought perception and memory retention. The McKenna brothers also surmise that memory itself is a holographic phenomenon, a conclusion that recent brain research has since verified. 

         In chapters 11 through 14 in his book Consciousness Beyond Life, cardiologist Dr. Pim van Lommel makes a thorough study of quantum physics; endless, timeless, nonlocal all-pervasive consciousness and the human brain which  he sees as a transceiver that resonates with a discrete portion of the full spectrum of consciousness available.  Universal consciousness functions much like the internet “cloud” of information that now permeates our biosphere; an individual human brain is much like a personal computer that accesses certain limited fields within the cloud and stores personal memories that are used to  define one’s individuality.  He makes the point that when experiencing OBC or Near Death Consciousness, one  is not actually transcending personal consciousness; that is because we are completely immersed in endless universal consciousness all  the time, we just can’t sense it. However the blinders can be dissolved when the brain is retuned to a  broader spectrum.  Dr. Van Lommel suspects that junk DNA in conjunction with endogenous DMT secreted by the pineal gland may be one of the agents that can reconfigure the brain.

         According to "quantum activist" Dr. Amit Goswami, a recalled OBE or NDE only becomes real when one returns to physical body consciousness after the event; at that moment of waking the potential for the memory of the event "collapses" into a real memory. The actual "seeing" of the event is a non-local quantum phenomenon and the seeing is witnessed by all personal consciousness present at the time; being non-local, it is all pervasive and unfocused, but it is a potential - to be actualized when the experiencer returns to self consciousness. He explains this at: . This may seem somewhat confusing for those of us who have experienced OBConsciousness: the experience feels very real and in the now when it is happening, at least that is how seemed during the experience.  Dreams are remembered, Out-of-Body Consciousness is unmistakably experienced.

           Another reason why there is so much interest in quantum phenomena is because memory is a basic factor of self consciousness, and the brain with its 100 trillion synapses plus the additional storage potential of glial cells does not even come close to containing enough storage capacity to hold the memories of an entire lifetime. According to Prof. Simon Berkovich of George Washington University (, the storage capacity of our brain would have to be 100,000 times denser than it is presently measured to be. In other words our brain would have to be that much larger (100 thousand times larger) to store all the sensory, emotional and mental history of a lifetime. So where is it stored?  The answer may lie in a quantum connection to parallel holographic reality or to what is classically known as the akashik record, and this may be the same venue that is exercised by our consciousness when stimulated by METAtonin.  For a thorough introduction into the latest quantum possibilities and theories visit: ces/research08.html


The pineal gland at the seat of consciousness

A good understanding of the pineal gland’s placement in the brain will reveal its central location at the crossroads of consciousness. The drawing below is a view of the pineal gland from the side (from Gray’s Anatomy plate 715):

The pineal gland can be seen resting on top of the midbrain tucked in the fold between the two lobes at the rear of the thalamus. The thalamus and the pineal gland are surrounded by cerebral spinal fluid. The next view is the pineal gland as seen looking upwards from below (from Gray’s Anatomy plate 716):

The pineal gland is the round circle in the center nesting between the two lobes of the thalamus. All the cavities in this area of the brain are filled with cerebral spinal fluid and are known collectively as the third ventricle. 

       In his previously mentioned book Dr. Pim Van Lommel states that several areas of the brain must be functioning in order for waking consciousness to occur: the frontal, temporal and parietal lobes of the cortex, the hippocampus, the brain stem and the thalamus. The thalamus
which consists of two brazil nut-sized lobes is of essential importance because it is the messenger hub of the brain. All incoming stimuli from the body, the eyes and the ears are processed and distributed to the cortex while, simultaneously, all messages sent from the cortex destined to be distributed throughout the body are also being processed. The thalamus is the command center of the brain. It is also known to regulate the level of awareness, and is suspected to be the seat of consciousness working in conjunction with the cortex. If the thalamus is compromised to any degree, the patient becomes comatose and if the thalamus remains inoperable, the patient will never return to a wakened state. The Science News 2013 special article on consciousness details conditions in the brain that result in the disruption of consciousness, quote:  “Not only is the thalamus itself compromised, but also its connections — white-matter tracts that carry nerve signals — which seem to be dysfunctional in people who aren’t fully conscious, researchers reported last year in NeuroImage. “I can’t help but think there’s something fundamental about the functional circuitry,” says neuroscientist David Edelman of the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego. “There’s a fundamental loop between … the thalamus and the cortex. If those connections are cut or if you’ve damaged them, that individual will not be aware by any measure, forever.” It is quite possible that consciousness resides in this loop between the cortex and the thalamus and may somehow resonate with NPR (non-measurable physical reality, aka dark matter/energy) via DNA (Van Lommel, Narby, Garjajev) or microtubular (Hammerhoff & Penrose) resonance. Recent research also points to the claustrum nerve complex in the brain to be the "orchestra conductor" of consciousness - a theory proposed by Francis Crick shortly before his death as well as the insula cortex, see: and Another factor that may contribute to consciousness is the presence of spindle neurons - which are only found in humans, large apes, elephants and cetaceans, see:

Van Lommel's Paradox

         By comparing the descriptions and statistics of several hundred near death experiences in Dr. Pim Van Lommel’s book with the reports from subjects in Dr. Rick Strassman’s book and other sources, it becomes quite evident that the entheogen responsible for the Near Death Experience is DMT. Research has also begun to verify that the pineal gland is the most likely source of endogenous DMT or METAtonin, in the brain, and, not surprisingly, the pineal gland neighbors the thalamus which is most likely the orchestrator of consciousness. Now that we’ve isolated the principal players it is time to investigate the method of hormone delivery. The pineal gland secretes both melatonin and METAtonin, both modify the state of consciousness and the two most likely mediums for delivery of these hormones to the thalamus are blood flow and the cerebral spinal fluid. It is quite possible that the melatonin is transferred by blood flow. The pineal gland exhibits profuse blood flow characteristics; these two organs neighbor each other and the melatonin transfer occurs at a gradual pace, furthermore, there is no melatonin scavenger in the blood as there is in the case of METAtonin (monoamine oxidase -MAO).  The blood may be an excellent carrier for melatonin,  but for certain reasons, the blood may not be the most likely candidate for delivering METAtonin to the thalamus.

       When it comes to near death out-of-body consciousness, the situation is different. Dr. Van Lommel noted that all of the surgery patients who experienced vivid and accurate near-death experiences reported these incidents beginning at a point in time during surgery when the patient was undergoing a cardiac arrest.  That is, the out-of-body events were experienced when blood flow in the brain had ceased. When an NDE occurs at this time, the only possible medium of exchange between the pineal gland (the source of endogenous DMT) and the thalamus, the seat of consciousness, could only be the cerebral spinal fluid. These two glands are adjacent and possibly touch each other; the endogenous DMT must permeate from one gland to the other almost instantaneously, for there is a narrow window of time. According to Van Lommel, the brain doesn’t react to the interruption of blood flow until the first 6.5 seconds has elapsed and most cardiac arrest patients are usually resuscitated within 20 to 37 seconds of the initial arrest . If the patients are revived within 37 seconds, the EEG returns to normal although the patient remains unconscious. If there is an NDE incident, it is reported much later upon waking and verified with the surgery room record.  In most cases it has been verified that the NDE initially occurs when the brain is flat-lined and blood flow is non-existent. Thus we have Van Lommel’s paradox: how can the brain be considered the vehicle for out-of-body consciousness during an NDE when the brain appears to be completely shut down during the incident? Is the memory of the incident witnessed then stored somewhere else and then downloaded into the brain when functionality returns as Goswami suggests or is METAtonin delivered to the thalamus via the third ventricle cerebral spinal fluid all the way to the Foramen of Monro thus immediately saturating the thalamus and modifying the state of consciousness in preparation for transition? Though the brain may be flatlined, the pineal and thalamus glands may be designed to function for an extended period after blood flow ceases and it is during this period that the Out of Body Consciousness is initiated. See:

         It will take many years of research before any of these questions can be answered, but the first step has been achieved with the Cottonwood Research Foundation May 23, 2013 announcement of  the verification of METAtonin production in pineal gland of laboratory rodents. When will it be possible to verify that the human pineal gland also secretes endogenous DMT? Is it delivered to the surrounding area via the cerebral spinal fluid or the blood? How does METAtonin modify the activity of the thalamus to create out-of-body consciousness? Finally, what is the bio-physical nature of consciousness, how is it embedded in the circuitry of the brain and does consciousness span both baryonic (physical space/time) and non-baryonic realities?  

 “Junk” DNA  and “junk” Neurons, the Glial network.

          Just as indecipherable DNA sequences that constituted 95% of the DNA molecule were relegated to the status of “junk” DNA by early researchers, so, too, there are “junk “ neural cells, known as glial cells (in Greek: glue cells) that constitute 90% of the brain cellular structure. This neural conglomerate has been been considered to be an insignificant structure by the neurological community since brain cellular makeup was first researched in the 1890's. 

        Just 30 years ago, most brain scientists believed that only neurons intercommunicated and were solely responsible for our thought patterns, and that glial cells were a passive network of connective tissue that anchored and insulated neurons.  There are several types of glial cells, but recently scientists have begun to focus on a the most complex type of glial cell called the "astrocyte".  These cells are abundant in the cortex, more abundant than neurons themselves.

        As one ascends the evolutionary ladder, astrocytes in the cortex increase in size and number, with humans having the greatest number astrocytes and also the most complex (dolphin astrocytes may not have been investigated yet).  Scientists have also discovered that astrocytes communicate with each other and with neurons in the cortex and are  capable of sending information through both networks, neural and glial. Finally, astrocytes are also the adult stem cell in the brain and control blood flow to regions of brain activity. Because of all these important properties, and since the cortex is believed responsible for higher thought, scientists have started to realize that astrocytes must contribute to the thought process and perhaps even consciousness.  

                                                                                   A -human          B - mouse
           Early researchers  were so focused on neurons that they concluded that glial cells were worthless, in fact, glial experiments didn't begin until the 1960s. Dr. Stephen W. Kuffler at Harvard discovered that frog and the leech that astrocytes were influenced by neuronal ion exchange, a process long held to be the chemical counterpart to thought. Since then many researchers have completed experiments on the communicatory ability of glial cells with neurons. In the late 80s and early 90s it was discovered glial cells respond to and release neurotransmitters, though their chemical means of communication differs from neurons. 

          Astrocytes have hundreds of 'endfeet' spreading out from their body. They look like mini octopi, and they link these endfeet with blood vessels, other astrocytes and neuronal synapses.  Calcium is released from internal stores in astrocytes as they are stimulated, then calcium travels through their endfeet to other astrocytes. The term 'calcium waves' describes the calcium release and exchange between astrocytes and between astrocytes and neurons. Scientists at Yale, most notably Ann H. Cornell-Bell and Steven Finkbeiner, have shown that calcium waves can spread from the point of stimulation of one astrocyte to all other astrocytes in an area hundreds of times the size of the original astrocyte. Furthermore, calcium waves can also cause neurons to fire. Furthermore, it was recently shown that a molecule that stimulates the same receptors as THC can ignite astrocyte calcium release. There are no reports yet as to how other entheogens affect the status of the glial network of if they exhibit anything similar to Sigma-1 receptors. 

         According to the recent theory, neurons are tied to our muscular action and external senses. We know astrocytes monitor neurons for this information. Similarly, they can induce neurons to fire. Therefore, astrocytes modulate neuron behavior. Neuronal activity without astrocyte processing is a simple reflex; anything more complicated such as abstract thought might require astrocyte processing. The fact that humans have the most abundant and largest astrocytes of any animal and we are capable of creativity and imagination also lends credence to this speculation.   Basically, it is obvious that astrocytes are involved in brain processing in the cortex, but the main questions are, do our thoughts and imagination stem from astrocytes working together with neurons, or are our thoughts and imagination solely the domain of astrocytes?  It may be that the role of neurons is to support astrocyte activity.  From:

       A study, published in Cell Stem Cell, not only introduces a new tool to study the mechanisms of the human brain, it supports the hypothesis that glial cells — and not just neurons — play an important role in learning. "Glia are in a position to regulate the flow of information through the brain," says R. Douglas Fields, PhD., a neuroscientist at the National Institutes of Health. "This concept is missing from all our models." In addition,  astrocytes, have evolved as humans have evolved, while neurons have exhibited very little change.  A mouse neuron and a human neuron look so much alike, even experienced neuroscientists can't tell them apart.

         There is some conjecture that the more complex human glial cells have played a role in making humans smarter.  Steve Goldman,  M.D., PhD., a neuroscientist at the University of Rochester teamed up with this wife, Maiken Nedergaard, M.D. to test this idea. They injected some human glial cells into the brains of newborn mice.  As the mice grew,  the human glial cells thrived. These cells spread through the mouse brain, integrating perfectly with mouse neurons and, in some areas, outnumbering their mouse counterparts. All the while, Goldman observed, the glial cells maintained their human characteristics.

         Next came the intelligence tests. In terms of social behavior, the humanized mice displayed no noticeable difference, however, these mice are measurably smarter. In classic maze tests, they learn faster. "They  make many fewer errors, and it takes them less time to come to the appropriate answer," Goldman says. It might take a normal mouse four or five attempts to learn the correct route in a maze, but a mouse with human glial brain cells usually learned the correct route by  the second try. It appears that Glial cells somehow enhance learning. From: Just as we planted human astrocytes in mice, what will the outcome be when whale and dolphin astrocytes are planted in humans? or visa-versa?

                                                                                  neurons surrounded by glial cells

 Nonlocal astrocytic activity 

         Asok Kumar Mukhopadhyay, MD believes that there are several reasons brain research merits a change of focus. He points out that the brain is the organ with the highest information density per unit volume and mass. In the brain, information is channeled through four cellular networks; neuron-neuron, neuron-astrocyte, astrocyte-neuron and astrocyte-astrocyte network.

         Astrocytic intervention in flow of information through neuronal channels is primarily meant to prevent informational chaos which the extremely non-linear neuro-neuronal, glia-neuronal and neuron-glial channeling is prone to exhibit. Like information, the mind and often the ‘self’ behave in both local and nonlocal ways. The brain is the play-ground of such both local and nonlocal players. Local players means energy and  matter confined within defined space and time.  Nonlocal players are those which are not consistently confined to a specific space and/or adhered to a definitive time.  Therefore, with knowledge pertaining to only local players, explaining brain function with the help of local theories of science and adhering to use of local investigative tool, we are far from understanding the brain as a whole. There are preliminary data available in science on nonlocal behavior in the brain activities and we are hoping to find out how we can outreach this domain.

          Two titans, local science and nonlocal science meet within the science of the brain. This issue has not been adequately addressed so far. Like any cell, an organ which works locally and has the ability to communicate nonlocally can be responsive to evolutionary forces. Unlike kidneys and liver or lungs or spleen, the  brain with its constituents, neuron and glia belong to such group.

        How consciousness, mind and self of individual neuron and glia make a unitary experience of consciousness, mind and ‘self’ as a whole within the brain is the issue. The binding element involved in this process of unification is suggested to be information. The closest approximation of the ‘abstract’ consciousness at the concrete plane, therefore, in most likelihood is the conformational geometry of information involving various group of neuron-glia at different hierarchical levels operating in different contexts. It may be that the two different networks – the neuronal network and the glial network are separate phases of the brain that, like the tide, ebb and flow as the dominant paradigm depending on the activity and focus of the self. From: http//

 The Second Visual Platform

           As mentioned earlier, the pineal gland may prove to have a visual function also. The pineal glands of lower vertebrates do indeed have photoreceptor cells similar to those found in the retina. In the human pineal gland, the photoreceptor cells have evolved into “cone-like modified photoreceptor cells” known as pinealocytes. For information on this research visit: and pineal receptors may be sensitive to a specific spectrum of light or electromagnetic stimulus and if this is so, what is the source of stimulation? It could be coherent biophotonic light produced by our own cells as discovered by Dr. Fritz Alfred Popp:, or it could be that coherent light-stimulated-DNA is resonating with the dark energy that permeates 72% of the universe ( as suggested by Dr, Garjajev or it could be light emanating from microtubules as suggested by Hammerhoff and Penrose, or it could be luminous piezoelectric calcite crystals, or octonia, that are found to be present in pineal gland, see: or light may not be involved at all. As far as anatomy reveals, there is an indirect neural pathway between the pineal gland and the optic nerve via the hypothalamus and the superior cervical ganglion which is classically considered the pathway by which the pineal is informed as to when it should step up melatonin production. In a reverse manner this may be a pathway for the pineal to send imagery to the visual cortex via the optic nerve.

          Several researchers, including David Wilcock in his book: The Source Field Investigations, have suggested that there is a second visual platform in the brain in addition to the eyes, an inner view screen, so to speak, that can augment and at times even replace our optical visual circuitry. Further research by Dr. Draulio de Araujoof the Brain Institute at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil has verified that the visual activity produced by DMT inspired imagery stimulates the exact same brain centers as does normal vision, though the imagery source is not from the optic nerve but originates in the frontal cortex.  Visit:

 Out-of-body Locales and Bandwidth

          Robert Monroe is one of the best documented out-of-body, or ecsomatic explorers. The term ecsomatic derived from the Latin: ec, outside, and soma, body, was coined by Anthony Peake in his book Out-of-Body Experience. Monroe’s gift came to him unbidden and he developed his theories gradually over the years after having hundreds of experiences. He wrote the book: Journeys out of the Body followed by two more and founded Monroe Mind Research Institute of Faber, Virginia where he developed the Gateway Voyage program using Hemi-Sync sound technology. He also developed a classification system to describe the destination environments of ecsomatic experience using the term “locales”. His YouTube series:  is extremely interesting. Earlier in this article we discussed the various conditions that could instigate a METAtonin episode now we are discussing the various categories of destinations that these episodes can encounter, be they METAtonin or DMT instigated.

          Monroe described the locales as follows:

Locale I – are local ecsomatic experiences where one travels about the physical plane not too far from the body which can be seen below (bi-location) and observes the environment usually from above; most mild NDE (Near Death) experiences and most ecsomatic experiences launched from a waking state, such as a METAtonin episode, tend to hover near the body and the general surroundings.  Most likely, the secondary visual platform is being used to translate visual information scanned from the physical plane. The secondary visual platform is a mental phenomenon and is sensitive to the mental plane imagery as well. This can result in a meshing of imagery from both planes.

Locale II – would be viewed as the “dream world” environment, a fantasy world peopled with archetypal characters as well as persons known to the traveler. It is possible to interact with these astral beings and to be guided or misled by them. All the while, one is in a lucid, seemingly fully conscious, self-knowing and self-directed state, that is, the lucid dream state. In this state one can become aware of their second (astral) body also known as the subtle body or etheric double. Some of the more powerful NDE and DMT induced episodes lead to this locale. One can manipulate the environmental parameters with the power of thought since the environment in Local II is a product of one’s own personal psyche.

Locale III – while Locale II is primarily generated by the subject’s personal memory, Locale III environments are actual parallel dimensions that have their own discrete unchangeable definition. One is a visitor here; one can travel about at will, but cannot change the definition of the environment and in many cases must make many return visits to learn how to navigate themselves to preferred destinations.  Peruvian shamans must receive extensive life-long training and guidance to learn how to navigate the realm of natural primal archetypal levels in order to obtain information on specific herbal healing combinations. Entheonauts who smoke synthetic DMT sometimes end up in parallel intelligent realms – extensive futuristic geometric cities peopled by alien beings who have highly advanced technology and who are eager to communicate with us. (This is one interpretation of Locale III)

        Those of us who have had Locale II and III experiences have some great stories to tell, but unless we can somehow verify these experiences, they remain resident in the realm of extremely significant personal experience, the certainty of which cannot be verified. People who have accompanied an ayahuasca guide into the herbal realm can verify their shared Locale III experience with their guide. Proof of the “reality” of this type of experience is also evident in the shaman-revealed herbal combinations that are either divulged or sold to pharmaceutical manufacturers who then synthesize, refine, test and manufacture the product.  As stated earlier 74% of today’s pharmacopeia originates from this source.

        For the majority of us who have had an ecsomatic experience in Locale I, the real time “real” world, the question has always remains: “was it real?” It certainly felt real, unmistakably real, even though we were floating about separated from our body.  As mentioned earlier, author Anthony Peake after exhaustive investigation has, to his surprise and disappointment, concluded that the ecsomatic Locale I experience is not actually a perception of true physical reality.  Peake finds anomalies in every proof indicating that what is “seen” is an internally generated hologram that closely, but not completely, parallels the real world. Thus he concludes that the “mind’s eye” is always tuned inward, which is not surprising, for despite hundreds of research studies undertaken in university and hospital environments by dedicated scientists, no conclusive scientific evidence has yet to emerge. This could be a disappointment to those of us who have had very meaningful life-changing ecsomatic experiences. Disappointment because we have experienced a change, and this personal transformation would be seemingly more “certified” if what we had witnessed from above was verifiably, absolutely real.

         Let’s take a technical look at some of the assumptions that led Mr. Peake to this conclusion.  For example, we’ll observe the famous remote viewer Mr. Ingo Swann who worked with Professor Harold Putoff and Russel Targ of the Sanford Research Institute. Suppose Mr. Swann is remote-viewing an object 100 feet from his body that he is trying to verbally describe. One could assume that Swann’s consciousness has detached itself from the host body and has located itself 100 ft. away, above the object. What is the exact nature of the connection by which consciousness transfers visual information to the secondary visual platform of the physical brain through space, be it feet or light years away? This cord could be a multi -stranded mini-wormhole phantom DNA field that folds space via quantum entanglement as detected by Dr Garjajev of the Russian Academy of Science, and as also suggested by Stephen Hawking. This could be the "silver thread" that is often referred to by many psychics, or could it be some other space-traversing phenomenon such as Penrose/Hammerhoff microtubular coherent light proposition? Whatever the connection is, the question remains: can this non-physical, non-electromagnetic connection transmit (or “stream”) as much visual data to the viewer’s brain as the human optic nerve is able to? most probably not. This is simply a matter of bandwidth, most likely the image definition sent to the second visual platform of the brain is of poorer resolution. Furthermore, since the temporary remote viewing DMT-defined neural pathways are not as resilient as established mainstream pathways, they may be more vulnerable and subject to peripheral neural interference. 

            Next we have to consider just what exactly is the makeup of this "mind’s eye" that gathers and encodes the visual image? This is even more of a challenge. This viewing-at-a-distance-consciousness  has to convert the scene being witnessed into some type of signal. Based on what we know about optic transmission, this remote viewing individualized self-consciousness (which has no detectable physical presence) should also feature some kind of focusing apparatus consisting of a NonMaterialPhysicalReality lens and a NMPR cornea or similar data receiver that converts a focused image into a signal. Of course there may be some alternative image processing phenomenon at work here as well. One explanation given is that the remote viewer is viewing the distant object using their “subtle” or astral body complete with subtle optical apparatus.  However, information still has to be transferred back to the host’s physical brain or is everything being processed in the subtle brain? If so, how does the subtle brain download to the physical brain?  most likely this is accomplished via the secondary visual platform which may already have its own mental imagery agenda.  A remote viewer has to be very discerning in eliminating unwelcome mental imagery that may have been added the physical plane image information.

            These visual image pathways may exist, and if they do, it would be most likely that once one had opened their ecsomatic visual channel, it could require a considerable learning process to become familiar with its navigation and focus. This could require a great deal of practice, concentration and trial and error; just as it does with newborns when they first learn to navigate their new primary visual apparatus; just as it took Robert Monroe several years to become familiar with his gift. As  previously mentioned, it may also  be that the intensity, direction and clarity of a DMT or METAtonin ecosomatic experience is determined by the particular  formula of the DMT mixture that enters the brain environment. Just recently Dr. Charles Tart has published an article in the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research documenting the progress in training a subject to enter out-of-body consciousness to the point where she is able to read a 5 digit number during and "OOB" session and report it after waking. This is one of the first examples of a scientifically verified veridical experience. In addition Dr. Tart recorded brain wave activity during the session.

            Thus the Locale I visual experience could almost be considered a handicapped or easily misconstrued form of vision, and it should not be surprising to find anomalies and aberrations in reported images in test cases. Furthermore, the brain is quite “plastic” and it has been shown that receptor site arrangements are subject to change. It is possible that there are several types of DMT-activated neural pathways that may result in both intrasomatic (within the realm of the body) and extrasomatic (beyond the confines of the body) visual phenomena or a combination of the two.

        There is one OBE incident I heard of that did involve remote-viewing the real-time physical world as a means of survival. It happened several years ago to a friend of mine, Laura C., and it saved her life. At the time she was putting up with her "second, to soon be ex" husband, but it wasn't easy. He had a habit of beating her. In the middle of a bad session she was laying on her side with her head covered as he was raining blows down on her. She thought she was about to die. All of a sudden she found herself up in the corner of the ceiling looking down on the situation. She looked about desperately and suddenly she saw what it was that she was looking for. It was something solid, something nearby she could grab on to that she could do damage with, like a hammer or a flashlight. She immediately returned to her body, reached out for the object defended herself and made it to safety. To this day she doesn't remember what it was that she grabbed, but it saved her life. This is an example of how setting and mindset can determine the nature and goal of a transcendent out-of-body experience. The DMT-based neurohormone that her pineal secreted had a specific directive: this was to be a Locale I experience with no interference. There is no doubt that many a battle-hardened soldier and many a victim of torture has had such an experience as well. It could be said that the pineal/obe mechanism is, among many things, one of our tools for survival.

         A further variable to consider that may determine locale is the particular modes of the DMT brain penetration process, including: the topographical DMT delivery pattern, the class of DMT and the speed of the DMT cascade. Rick Strassman’s volunteers experienced a rush of chemically pure DMT delivered directly to the bloodstream with MAO (the DMT scavenger) present, ayahuasca gradually delivers an organic DMT/MAO inhibitor infusion that enters the bloodstream gradually via the digestive system. There is also smoked and snorted forms ayahuasca that have their own distinct characteristics. Last, but not least, there is the METAtonin/pineal gland pathway - which is responsible for the great majority of the spontaneous ecsomatic experiences experienced by the general public, artists and spiritual practitioners. METAtonin may be just pure unadulterated DMT, but additional enzymes and co-hormones that are byproducts of the DMT methylation process may be present also. These modifiers may be generated according to specific instructions received by the pineal gland to enhance or direct the ecsomatic experience in a specific direction or at a selective sensitivity. In addition, glutamate production can further modify the outcome. It may also be discovered that out-of-body consciousness is not just limited to a modification of the brain circuitry; it may involve several centers in the body. Another possibility is the shifting of consciousness from the left hemisphere of the brain to the right.  

Peake’s Quantum Peak
             Anthony Peake, author of The Infinite Mindfield, has long pursued the concept of micro wormholes created by the brain while under the influence of DMT, basically it is his theory that the mind can access certain locales such as parallel realities via the holographic memory field that exists as a dark matter phenomena which is accessed by quantum level micro wormholes, a concept supported by Stephen Hawking and scientifically known as Einstein-Rosen wormholes. These wormholes create a segue to the Zero Point Field. The Zero Point Field is just that: it exists at close to absolute 0 degrees (-273.15 degree Centigrade) and it exists as a single point that contains no space, since all atoms collapse at zero degrees and even light slows down to a stop.  Since there is no space, there is no distance and since distance is required to measure velocity and acceleration, there is no time. Since it is a point with no other object to compare it to, it has no size and within it there resides a spaceless field, a holographic field  that when accessed gives access to everything at once, the akashic record, the realm of the Bose-Einstein Condensates where all the physical laws of our realm are turned upside down and inside out.

           The one problem in this theory that needs to be overcome is that of “thermal decoherence” as described by Stuart Hammerhoff. How can a phenomenon that requires absolute zero conditions take place in the warm moist environment of the brain? The answer is that it takes place at a quantum level in the microtrabecular lattice of microtubules. This lattice is made up of dipoles that are 7 to 9 nanometers in diameter. In 1968 Dr. Herbert Frolich discovered that these nanoscopic dipoles could achieve a Zero Point coherence at temperatures way above absolute zero known as "Frohlic coherence". A full explanation of this theory is in Mr Peake’s aforementioned  publication. Further information is available at the website of Dr. Bernard Haisch

        Who knows, there could be a myriad of different categories of out-of-body destinations, particularly when one considers the wide range of Locale III destinations that have been reported: from unpleasant alien abductions to super-futuristic techno worlds  on to heavenly worlds of wise angelic beings, the throne of  God and everything in between.

  Setting, and the three phases of Mindset

         When Dr. Rick Strassman set up his DMT testing procedure it was necessary for him to follow the rigorous guidelines of standard National Institute of Health in all his procedures due to the controversial nature of his experiment and in doing so he had to ignore the classic entheogenic launch guidelines of “set (mindset) and setting” first described by Timothy Leary and endorsed by most experienced entheonauts, the same guidelines Strassman described in his own book,  Inner Paths to Outer SpaceStrassmen had little latitude when it came to providing a supportive setting, but, as one of the participants in the movie DMT, The Spirit Molecule, Susan Blumental, stated: the DMT rush was so incredibly sudden that set and setting were unnecessary considerations. The “setting” of a typical hospital room and the presence of two or three onlookers with clipboards in their hands was hardly the relaxed, loving, supportive, protective, restive environment that is usually desired. Perhaps someday the same experiment can be launched from a proper supportive setting, it would be interesting to see if the tone and texture of the DMT experience becomes more stabilized and focused.  Dr. Strassman did have some control over the mindset of his participants, though, in that he specifically chose participants who exhibited consciousness flexibility, that is, they had previously experienced altered states of consciousness and were more accustomed to the sometimes unnerving sensation of consciousness transition. It should be noted that the complete concept of mindset involves more than just consciousness flexibility; it also includes the factors of mindvector and mindoversight.

  Consciousness Flexibility

        This is not an endorsement for people to experiment with consciousness altering substances, but it is a fact that psychoactive drugs, preferably called entheogens, can help open the mind to new levels of awareness and mental function.  When used wisely and respectfully, one can experience heightened levels of visual, auditory, intuitive, creative, mental and empathetic sensitivity. In the wrong hands or with the wrong intention in mind, drugs can be viciously destructive – and in a great majority of situations, they are. Like any other very powerful tool, psychoactive drugs need to be handled and used very carefully preferably in the company of a guide or loving protector in a secure, stable environment. There is no doubt that the spiritual expansion of the 1970’s was mainly a result of the doors of perception that were opened to many an experimenter. Note: DMT is labeled an illegal psychedelic drug but is really not a mind altering drug – it doesn’t change consciousness- it reboots it temporarily. It is a consciousness displacer, displacing consciousness from its habitual environment to another palpable reality. Furthermore, some of these other realities are intelligent and not necessarily human. Having originally experienced these altered mental states bought on by external chemical stimuli, many sought natural, traditional methods of mental and physical discipline that would result in the same or similar state of heightened awareness. Thus came many sages west.

       What is also gained from being experienced with psychoactive drugs is a familiarity with the transition experience, that is, the ability to sense the onslaught of a consciousness shift without developing mental panic. This is especially acute for individuals who like to be in control, for one has to be open and trusting and willing to give up some control when the doors of perception begin to open. If the transition is not embraced, it can quickly degrade into panic and paranoia. Those who wish to experiment might take some advice from Dr. Albert Hoffman who on page 338 of The Spirit Molecule explains his fondness of enjoying the subtle effects of very small doses.


        If one is going to psycho-launch their mind into an uncharted territory with DMT, ayahuasca or some DMT derivative, it would behoove them to create in their mind an actual destination: the mindvector. The more destination-focused one is, the greater the chance of success. It’s quite probable that even a DMT launch, as explosive as it is, would benefit from some guidance. The question is how can one determine a destination when entering a realm that one has never been to? One of the most obvious destinations could be Heaven. Why not? That’s our basic concept of where we go to when we die. Unfortunately, Heaven or Hyperphysical Reality.. etc. is a very, very big place.

          This is like saying “Oh, just drop me off on Earth” – you could end up in Borneo, Siberia, the Sahara or downtown Missoula. Heaven, too, is a vast place peopled with tens of thousands of tribes and localities – many of which have been described by artists, mystics and fantasy and science fiction writers throughout the ages. The question remains, where does one choose to go? The answer may lie in the concept of the Extraphysical Hometown, as developed by Dr. Waldo Vieira who is mentioned later in this article

           The concept is quite simple: each of us has arrived here at boot camp Earth from a specific hyperphysical home base that is peopled by a specific hyperphysical root race and it is this hyperphysical homeplace that we will return to when we have finished our tour  here. Basically its hOMe, it’s where we come from. Many individuals who have returned from OBE’s and NDE’s describe how they had felt” at home” in an extremely profound level never experienced before. Perhaps you have seen an illustration of a place that you felt extremely familiar with, such as a painting by Maxfield Parrish or have met someone that you immediately resonated with effortlessly at a very deep level, keep these impressions of place and personality in mind and cultivate them for they will help you construct the concept of your very own Extraphysical Homeground, Campo Spiritual, or Place of Eternal Origin. It may be a destination that has been experienced in a lucid dream.

          Concentrate on this locale; maybe even give it a name,  Avalon for example. For visual inspiration there hundreds of heavenly and fantasy landscape images and meditation videos available. If you need inspiration on a mental/logical level you can read the descriptions of the Mansion Worlds, Havona, The Sea of Glass, Life on a neighboring Planet or Paradise in the
 Urantia Book. If you seek inspirational thought imagery, you can read The Final Frontiers section (p.189+) of Multidimensional Man by Jurgen Ziewe, or visit:  Any and all of these will help you build your very own concept of your Heavenly Homeplace. Perhaps someday someone will publish a book portraying various spiritual homegrounds or perhaps Waldo Vieira's academy (IAC) already has.


           Thousands of people have written about their hyperphysical adventures and in doing so many have also commented on how difficult it was to maintain the delicate balance of being conscious of events while not becoming too conscious – whereupon the excursion would end with a sudden return to the physical body. Just as an athlete must repeatedly practice to perfect physical performance, the entheonaut must develop a mental over-coach who observes the play of mental activity and moderates the intensity of the thought process. For when one moves above the physical plane they enter the mental plane where conscious thoughts have the power to mold reality. As Ziewe says “one is moving from the level of matter-over-mind to the level of mind-over-matter.”

            Just like taming a wild horse, taming the mind/thought process takes patience and persistence, there are no short cuts and no one other than you can do the work it requires. We are not born with the overseer, we have to consciously make the effort to claim it – and it may be one of the most important challenges of a lifetime. The mental muscle that needs to be developed doesn’t even exist when one first starts trying, but it develops with effort. The exercise is not complicated – yet it lasts a lifetime. The exercise is deceptively simple: stop thinking. That’s it. How long can you stop a new thought from entering your mind? ten seconds? The problem is… that the harder you try, the worse it gets! Welcome to the seemingly ridiculous practice of meditation.

           Why would anyone want to stop their mind? Don’t we spend our waking lives travelling down an endless river of thoughts and sensations? Why would anyone want to control the flow? And how is it done?  One has to mentally think the words “stop thinking” in order to begin the process of stopping thinking, if that makes any sense. However, it can be done and has been practiced for thousands of years and is actually the keystone of the Buddhist practice of meditation. There is a way to do it and many methods available. One can read about meditation, even conceptualize it but this is worthless, basically it just has to be done and then it begins to work. The result is that one slowly develops control of the thought process – of thought speed and thought progression…. and, more importantly, one also gains control of the non-thought process. The process of meditation encourages the development of a "quiet zone" neural environment in the brain structure and the cultivation of unstructured time. Once suitably developed, the consciousness feedback loop can be encouraged to circulate within this neural zone. In this calmed neural state the ego is quieted and consciousness is able to access background information here to fore inaccessible.

       Mantras are a useful mindoversight tool as well.  Just as the mindvector destination image enhances the direction of the hyperphysical launch, mantras can also prove to be an effective stabilizing tool once one has arrived at a higher level of consciousness.  Mantras are also one of the basic tools of meditation as well. Take care in choosing a mantra, in fact it is best to be given one by a sage and experienced practitioner. There are hundreds of musical and theta vibrational sound meditation CDs available also, but they should not be played too loud. It is important to silence the mind, this silence does not need to be filled with external sound, it needs to manifest on its own. It is out of this silence that the first whispers will be heard.   
         Meditation sessions usually last 35 to 55 minutes while sitting with a straight back.  Within 15 minutes the experienced practitioner begins to experience a vertical energy field that is centered in the third eye area and extends upward and downward. In time the field expands and a sensation of inner space begins to prevail. This is not a visual or auditory sense; it is an entirely new and different sense: space is felt as having its own beingness. In a way space becomes visceral and one becomes part of that solidity that is bonded in stillness.  The breath slows and takes on greater significance as well; the cool air reaching into the upper passages of the nasal cavity energize the base of the brain much in the way a gentle puff of air on an ember causes it to glow. This in many ways describes the beginning phases of Tibetan maitri meditation that focuses on space consciousness and universal compassion, Meditation is the palace of silence and space.

        Contrary to conventional thought, space is not empty.  The FedEx motto is: “The World on Time”, well, the motto for meditation is:" The World on Space".  From the quantum perspective, space is absolutely full. Space is like the ocean and physical reality is a wave that travels on it. When a wave is moving across the ocean surface, nothing is really moving, the water molecules are not moving forward or backward, they just momentarily rise and fall back to their original state – the wave is a temporary perturbation and then it is gone. Space is the background and physical reality is the foreground that ripples on it. This concept is extremely hard to grasp and yet it is one of the fundamental cornerstones of quantum theory that is being brought to forefront by writers such as Ervin Laszlo, Bernard Haisch and many others, for further information visit, a project sponsored by Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Institute.
The grounding in space that meditation promotes is what provides grounding for our consciousness - a consciousness of consciousness.

       In light of this perspective, one might consider the next question: what creates the ripples on the surface of space? The animating principle seems to be consciousness itself; the breath of life that gives form to the physical plane. This universal animating field of life consciousness fully potentialized space and then reverberated through it in the great selective subtraction that we call the big bang. Before the big bang, every potential future was present, after the big bang, which was actually a big subtraction, only primal matter and energy remained. This raw material is destined to evolve through time into the many futures that were fully present before the big subtraction. These futures are being molded by the unfolding of the ever pervasive field of universal life intelligence rippling through space – which some might call God. The concept of the universal field of life consciousness intelligence is being promoted by Robert Lanza his book, Biocentrism (, and by David Wilcox and his Source Field Investigations (, Rupert Sheldrake and many others. The big subtraction is a concept promoted by Dr. Bernard Haisch in his book The God Theory ( The inspiration for his conception may have evolved from a passage in the second book of the Conversations with God by Neal Donald Walsch ( series in which God explains why it created the physical universe: a platform for existential reflectivity evolving through time.

          Further evidence or the benefits of meditation has been verified by British Scientist, Maxwell Cade ( who developed of mindmirror biofeedback technology and the resulting brainwave therapy ( Dr. Cade discovered that in addition to the four standard brainwave patterns there was what he called the "5th state" or awakened state of mind that synchronizees both sides of the brain.  This state of consciousness synchronicity can be attained through meditation.Recently it was reported in the Scientific American Nov. 2014 issue that experienced meditators sustain  an EEG pattern of 25-42 hertz, which may be this 5th state. The article also mentions that meditation increases the volume of gray matter in particular parts of the prefrontal cortices and decreases the volume of the amygdala, an area of the brain involved in fear processing. A further benefit appears to be increased longevity; at the cellular level meditation tends to lengthen the telomere segment at the end of a DNA strand, thus increasing its ability to further replicate.

        Since consciousness itself is proving to be a fundamental building block of the universe and meditation is an exercise in focused clear consciousness, it may be that combined or synchronized meditation may prove to be a formative power in the development and evolution of our reality. Several groups are attempting to research the phenomenon of group, even global, synchronized meditation including: www.1giantmind.org, and

       There may be other methods of developing
mindoversight besides meditation, but they all involve mental discipline of some sort. If you plan to engage in a DMT based voyage, it would  serve you well to make one of these preparations, but do not become enamored with your accomplishment. Please don't think that by being a long time meditator that you have accomplished anything - only the ego keeps these kind of scores. If the METAtonin is going to do all that it can, the ego must begone.

“Ember” meditation for the pineal gland

        As mentioned earlier, one method of meditation enhancement is to focus on the upper nasal cavity while meditating. As cool fresh air enters the innermost cavity of the upper nasal cavity, there is a cooling sensation. Though the effect is cooling; it can also be felt as energizing – as in a gentle puff of air on an ember. As the air blows the ember glows. Keeping this image/sensation in mind, one can direct this energy in a way that can energize the pineal gland, but first the pineal gland needs to be located so that there is a directive for the ember energy.

       It is very difficult to “feel” the pineal or feel where it is, in fact there may be no sensation nerves in the central brain at all. However the pineal gland is located just below and central to the paired lobes of the thalamus; and something centered there can possibly be “felt”. We’re talking about “feeling” consciousness, for it is quite likely that the thalamus is the main resting place for consciousness. So how does one go about feeling consciousness? It is a slow process but not so difficult once one begins to try it. While meditating just concentrate on the body and search for the thinking process. Where exactly are thoughts coming from in the body?  In the head, of course, but go one step further – try to pinpoint the exact location in the brain as to where each next next thought is emerging from.  It can be done. Trace each thought as it emerges and create a location in the matrix space of the brain. “Feeling” thoughts seems, indeed, a strange concept, but it can be practiced until one can “feel” the origination point of thoughts in the geography of the brain space. With practice it will become easier to locate this exact point. Just below this locus of consciousness rests the pineal gland.  This is pineal space point where the “ember” energy needs to be projected.

     There are further aids as well. The ”baragan” stick can be used to support the arms while the fingertips point to each temple  The yoga posture of Khecari Mudra can be practiced: A drop of niacin or other enhancer on the third eye location will also help with stimulation. There are also many multimedia pineal stimulation presentations on YouTube as well as sound presentations using the Solfreggio scale:

Om to Ong

      By simply modifying the ancient chant of "Om" it is possible to send sound vibratons more directly into the base of the brain. The chant is the same except that closing off the mouth chamber with the back of tongue as in saying "Ong" the sound becomes concentrated at the top of the nasal cavity.  Starting with the lowest sound possible in the lungs as the chant moves up the throat the note rises until it peaks at the end, reverbrating at the very top of the nasal cavity just below the pituitary/thalamus/pineal complex.

        Please consider donating to pineal gland research, see research section at this end of this article

  Out-of-Body Conciousness and the Evolution of the Human Race

           Can the phenomenon of the Out-of Body Consciousness be a contributing factor to the evolution of the human race? According to Brazilian researcher and writer Dr. Waldo Vieira, the experience of lucid consciousness projection is absolutely essential, and he speaks with some authority for he has experienced and documented several thousand OBE’s since the age of nine and has made a thorough study of consciousness in and beyond the body. He calls the study of consciousness in all its manifestations conscientology, and the study of of  lucid consciousness projection projectiologyIn his massive book, Projectiology he draws on over 2000 references and creates his own vocabulary to describe the many aspects of his knowledge. In 1981 he founded the Center for Continuing Consciousness which later evolved into the Intlernational Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology (IIPC) in 1988. There are now 58 offices of IIPC throughout the world with their Center for Higher Studies of the Consciousness at Iguassu Falls, Brazil and the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) in Portugal. The IIPC has over 74 research projects, over 100,000 members, several education centers and it has printed over 43 books and periodicals. Visit:
      Conscientiology is not a dogma, in fact, Dr.Vieira exhorts: “ Don’t believe in anyone or anything, including the information you receive here at the Institute. Experience. Have your own experiences”

        Among the many topics Dr.Vieira covers, he talks about thanatology which is the study of psychological, social, cultural and religious impact of the inevitability of death. Most certainly our attitude towards death plays a major role in how we view the meaning of life.  However, when one has experienced the continuity of consciousness and its indestructibility….when one has consciously traveled beyond the confines of the physical body and returns to their extraphysical hometown which is the original hyper physical residence of fundamental personal consciousness, their understanding of the significance of our conduct here in this physical lifetime and how it affects our future lifetimes will enrich our experience of every moment here and now in this physical lifetime. As more individuals become familiar with this knowledge and experience, it is Dr. Vieira’s firm belief that human society and the human race will evolve to a higher level.

           Dr. Vieira does not believe that there is any kind of physical mechanism related to consciousness projection, that it is a purely energetic phenomenon. He does not recognize the role of the pineal gland as part of the support mechanism of  OBC.

          As Captain Picard in one of the Star Trek series  said when commenting on human existence: “Our very life is defined by our mortality”. It looks like Dr. Vieira is trying to change that definition. 

The Pineal Gland and Reincarnation

          The pineal gland's higher function indirectly supports the existence of reincarnation in several ways.  The METAtonin secretion at time of death escorts our individual/eternal consciousness as it separates from our transient ego/body consciousness on its return higher consciousness and in reverse manner  during gestation and early childhood it eases the introduction  of our eternal being to the material world and human society at a gentle pace all the way up to age 8. Why would such an endogenous neurochemical segue exist if there was not a higher consciousness to revert to? One must also consider the similar life after death insights reported in Near-Death-Experience studies. Reincarnation pioneer Dr. Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia Department of Psychiatry, Division of Personality Studies interviewed over 2000 individuals who had accurate verifiable memories of  past lives. Not surprisingly, the subjects who had the clearest memories were those between the ages of 3 and 8; see: or read Life Before Life by Jim Tucker M.D. who worked with Dr.Stevenson. Author Deepak Chopra  in his Life After Death: The Burden of Proof is an inspiring book about the afterworld and David Wilcock in his latest book The Synchronicity Key provides several arguments for reincarnation. The Judeo-Christian culture does not generally accept reincarnation although Jesus was never known to directly denounce it, in fact some of his references supporting reincarnation can still  be found in the New Testament.  It is believed that biblical scholars deliberately obliterated any reference to reincarnation, and especially ignored the writings of Greek philosopher Origen, due to political pressure from the church for obvious reasons.

          Beginning with Emperor Constantine at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD any references to reincarnation were thoroughly expunged during the finalizing of the New Testament. Furthermore at the Second Council of Constantinople  in 533 AD the Roman government officially outlawed the concept of reincarnation on pain of excommunication, even death; this was reaffirmed twice again at Councils in Lyons and Florence in 1274 and 1439. There is no doubt that the Christian church chose to thoroughly expunge the concept of reincarnation from Western consciousness to keep firm control over the gates that lead to  Heaven or Hell - the supposedly only possible destination for the afterlife. Due to this bias, it is quite possible that acceptance of the implications of the higher functions of the pineal gland may meet with some resistance. Coming to terms with reincarnation is coming to terms with the ecology of spirit; nothing is wasted.

 Endogenous DMT and the establishment of Religion

        Dr. Steve Barker of Louisiana State University and member of the Cottonwood Research  Foundation ( has been investigating the neurotheological paradigm.  He recognizes, as most of us do, that the tendency to be religious is an innate human trait, but he takes this supposition one step further, he sees a reason behind it – a neurochemical reason. Most religions  are founded upon and are continually supported by founders and members who have witnessed a religious experience.  Religious ecstasy, rapture and religious revelation are part of the common vernacular, and sometimes the stated goal of many religious sects.  Once a member has had such an experience, they graduate from being a “believer” to becoming a living endorsement.  Dr. Barker suspects that the source of this experience is not due to some outside religious avatar as most religious belief systems would ascribe it to; instead he points to endogenous DMT,  METAtonin, which is found everywhere in the human body -  in every bodily fluid: blood, spinal fluid, urine etc.
         This ubiquitous psychedelic or enthoegen is created in many organs and glands including the lungs, kidneys, the retina and, as is suggested in this paper and is being verified by recent research, the pineal gland. A likely societal consequence of  this phenomenon is the emergence of religion in society and the study of this phenomenon is known as neurotheology, a term that first appeared in the novel Island by Aldous Huxley. 
         According to Johnathan Parajasingham (, psychopharmacological research has investigated the effect of DMT and other serotonin-based neurochemicals that  act on one specific type of neuroreceptor called serotonin 2A (or 5-HT2A) receptors, which are found all over the cortical surface of the brain. 5-HT2A receptors are stimulatory, which means when these drugs act on them they increase production of serotonin in the brain, and this gross overstimulation of the 5-HT2A receptors leads to what are interpreted as religious, i.e. neurotheologic, experiences.
       In terms of neurotheologic activity, religions that perceive God-as-without tend to encourage their members to converse or appeal to God as an outside being, such as in the act of praying, are mildly neurotheologic institutions. Religions that perceive God-as-within such as Buddhism or Sufism pursue active mental (meditation) or physical  (dancing) exercises to awaken the God-within  are more neurotheologically active for they intentionally shape their mental/physical state in such a way as to stimulate neurotheologic perceptions. Then there are societies that live each moment in a constant religious state, waking each day to a wholly uncertain future but faithful that if they read the signs of God with the sensitivity of their mind in each moment, they will be lead to safety each night. Many aboriginal tribes lived in this manner - embracing a fully neurotheologic reality.  These societies were easy prey to their less neurotheologic brethren and were usually completely misunderstood and decimated in a short time. One such group are the Australian Aborigines and there are many others long gone. (see page 4). Of Water and the Spirit by Malidoma Patrice Some, is a excellent attempt of an indigenous African tribesman to describe just what is lost when modern Western mankind imposes its concept of reality on a richly spiritual indigenous culture.
            Several other authors including Laurence O. McKinney, Dr. Andrew B. Newberg and Eugen Drewermann have published books on neurotheology.   
            There is also the
theoneurological approach, which is the subject of Dr. Rick Strassman's latest book The Soul of Prophesy. The theoneurological perspective investigates the the various pathways that God has endowed  humans with so that they may mentally (neurologically) experience their creator. One of the most profound forms of God communication is through prophesy and one of the most detailed accounts of prophesy is the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament.
             Dr. Strassman’s research reveals parallels between prophetic events recorded in biblical times and the experiences revealed by volunteers in his 1978 federally sponsored research project that delved into the phenomenon of DMT, the Spirit Molecule. The theory is that a certain signal from the brain instructs the pineal gland to quickly convert its reserve of serotonin into DMT, which is the great grandfather of serotonin, the Spirit Molecule.
           Historians have noted that many of the same inventions and cultural innovations have appeared on the worldwide landscape simultaneously throughout history. It seems as if there is a timetable for discoveries. Many of these discoverers and inventors get their vision in its entirety and usually in a flashing stroke of genius or insight.  Beethoven "understood" complete symphonies in their entirety in one moment. How is such an intense vision transferred to these great minds in 
such a short time? It flows from the subconscious via a suspected neurochemical delivery system that is hard-wired into humans. This is accomplished with a neurochemical that our retinas, lungs and pineal glands create: the DMT messenger. Thus DMT may very well be a major facilitator to the evolution of the consciousness of the human race.  It is also known that in ancient times holy men and women used Syrian Rue as a ritual aromatic and as a tea. Syrian Rue also contains a chemical (MAO inhibitor) that can raise the base level of DMT in the blood thus encouraging a state of transcendent coherence.
          Dr. Strassman has jumped ahead of his past frame of formal scientific inquiry into historical investigation of our cultural evolution and is presenting the argument that, as strange as it seems, there seems to be a somewhat of a plan for the unfolding of the human race. This plan could be born of the mind of God and/or the destiny mankind long ago preordained. What gives us jolts forward towards our destiny are discoveries on the horizon that are destined to be born…insights that find their way into the mind of man via the neurochemical messenger DMT.  This could encourage historians to view human history in a new and different light. The Hebrew Bible is just one source of history that can be used to illustrate how DMT-inspired insights have helped shape the destiny of the human race.  Francis Crick called it Panspermia, some call it the Paradise Universal Intelligence, others call it God.  Theoneurology tries to explain how universal intelligence is continually reaching us throughout history via the Spirit Molecule originating in the pineal gland – that an intelligence has been guiding our evolution for 4.5 billion years. Yes, we may be individuals - that is what we have volunteered to experience -  but, we are not alone.

       In a sense, we live in an ocean beneath the surface of the atmosphere - which contains the cloud of knowing. Occasionally one of us will rise so high as to break the surface and behold the brilliance and clarity of the realm of air and light and the cloud of knowing – but only momentarily. Most humans remain submersed in the ocean all their lives, but every once in a while, sometimes due to intention, sometimes not, one will break through to the surface. If this breakthrough occurs in the context of a religion then the breakthrough experience becomes a verification of that religion, whichever religion it is.

         It is inevitable that a certain number of people will experience this breakthrough at random – an inevitable condition of the human experience. There’s no telling who it could be. And that person will be burdened with trying to explain what they have experienced to others. But experiences, especially ones that are out of the ordinary scope of normal existence, are very difficult, almost impossible, to transfer. In some cases the breakthrough experience will be slowly dismissed other times it may serve as an inspiration and in some cases, if the experience was powerful enough, it may result in the birth of a new religion.

       Is it possible to attain a permanent state of connection with higher intelligence? Enlightenment, Satori? There are those among us who have had a momentary breakthrough experience, maybe one or two, but is it possible to attain a continuous permanent state of heightened awareness as in the many realized gurus who came west in the 1960’s and 70’s mainly from India? Many of these beings were truly gifted with remarkable levels of continuous heightened awareness. Perhaps, it may be that if one can maintain a pineal gland elevated state for a long enough period or for enough repetitions,  the elevated brain circuitry becomes fused, resulting in permanent state of cosmic consciousness.

       In a reverse and negative way this is what may happen with adult schizophrenia. The onset, a result of DMT blood contamination at a low level, creates an unpleasant state of displaced mind. Once this state is experienced for an extended period the brain circuitry may become irreversibly altered and damaged, and remains that way even if the original DMT chemical imbalance subsides later on. Once the damage is permanent, the disease then evolves on its own new path.

 Pineal Gland Research

           A concerted effort is being made by researchers in the U.S. to verify that the pineal gland can and does produce DMT. The Cottonwood Research Foundation is playing a key role in this research. The foundation came into existence in 2007 and is presided over by Dr. Rick Strassman, MD with the help of Steve Barker PhD. and Andrew C. Stone.  Dr. Barker’s lab at Louisiana State University has developed a new super-sensitive and super–specific means of measuring  endogenous psychedelics, critical to the pineal research effort:

         Verificaton of DMT production in DNA pineal  tissue: Nicholas Cozzi PhD’s research group at the University of Wisconsin in Madison has been investigating the gene that codes for the enzyme critical to the synthesis of endogenous DMT, and has discovered high levels of activity in rhesus macaque retina, spinal cord, and pineal gland.  There appears a close association between the DMT synthesizing machinery and the sigma-1 receptor.  The sigma-1 receptor may be involved in pain mechanisms as well as the psychedelic effects of ketamine and PCP.
          At first INMT RNA was not detectable in the rhesus pineal using standard Northern Blot Analysis (this protocol is used to detect the presence of RNA) so it was suspected that the INMT RNA in the pineal gland is inducible.  This means that it is a dormant gene whose expression is either responsive to environmental changes or a specific signal.  Shifting subsequent immunohistochemistry work in their lab revealed a pronounced but erratic presence of presence of INMT RNA in these tissues. Thus the potential for pineal DMT production was verified. Visit:     

          Advances in analysis of DMT metabolism have taken place as a result of collaboration between Jordi Riba, PhD at the Drug Research Center, Hospital de Sant Pau, in Barcelona Spain and Dr. Barker.  While not directly related to DMT pineal synthesis, such research advances our ability to assess DMT dynamics in the body overall, and will make the determination of pineal DMT synthesizing potential more effective.  For example, it turns out that a major metabolite of DMT, the psychologically inert DMT-N-oxide is excreted in the urine at levels 10-20 times greater than DMT itself after ayahuasca administration. Similarly, N-oxide levels in blood were four times greater than DMT. This is the first time this metabolite has been reported in humans following DMT administration by any route. Detection of DMT-N-oxide as an indicator has greatly increased our ability to understand  how the body deals with DMT.

           Sampling pineal gland secretions in living subjects: Jimo Borjigin’s laboratory at the University of Michigan Medical School is sampling the pineal environment in the brain of living rats using brain microdialysis probes. The samples they gather will be sent to Dr. Barker’s lab at LSU to be analyzed for endogenous psychoactive materials. As previously mentioned, Dr. Barker is member of the Cottonwood Research team.

           Verification of the presence of DMT in pineal gland of the living mammal brain:  May 23, 2013 the Cottonwood Foundation of New Mexico  announced the acceptance for publication of a paper documenting the presence of DMT in the pineal glands of live rodents based on the efforts of Dr. Borjigin and Dr Barker. The paper will appear in the journal Biomedical Chromatography: Congratulations Cottonwood! a new chapter in the science of consciousness and the human experience begins.

           Future Research: As stated on the Cottonwood Website: "The next step is to determine the presence of DMT in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), the fluid that bathes the brain and pineal. CSF is a possible route for pineal-synthesized DMT to effect changes in brain function. Successfully establishing DMT’s presence in this gland adds another link in the chain between the pineal and consciousness and opens new avenues for research."  Perhaps advanced imaging technology combined with selective dyes will help reveal the presence of endogenous DMT, thus eliminating the need for using probes. When this is accomplished it will be possible to monitor the environs of the pineal gland in real time.  We will then be able to monitor the pineal gland when transcendent states are being experienced; during the death process, as well as during gestation.

Support Research 

              These are important developments and your help is needed to continue this groundbreaking work to fruition.  Please consider supporting Dr. Barker’s and Dr. Borjigin’s research by donating to their cause. You can donate directly to the Cottonwood Research Foundation by going to:                

                                                    YOUR CONTRIBUTION IS DEEPLY APPRECIATED!

Environmental assaults on the pineal gland

         Calcification: The pineal gland typically shows increased calcification with ageing which can manifest as early as age 5 and slowly build up. Calcification occurs with the proliferation of hydroxyapatite crystals also known as “brain sand". If the calcification level reaches a high saturation level, this can diminish melatonin production. Calcification may have an effect on ones “sense of direction” as related in the report: “Pineal gland calcification and defective sense of direction.”(; this may be a result of magnetite crystals becoming locked into the calcification lattice (
Furthermore, calcification may affect on sleep patterns: (
). Pineal calcification definitely immobilizes pinealocyte function, thus decreasing overall melatonin (and, most likely, metatonin) production, see: which also describes a method for determining the degree of pineal calcification. Pineal gland calcification has also been linked to a higher incidence of breast cancer, see:

             Melatonin production is important because recent discoveries have shown that melatonin is vital for the immune system, decreased levels of melatonin are associated with prostate and breast cancer ( two major causes of premature death. It also regulates blood sugar metabolism. Studies show that night-shift workers seem more likely to develop Type II diabetes than their day-shift counterparts. Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) is also linked to deficient levels of melatonin and serotonin, although the mechanism is not fully understood. Melatonin production has been implicated in a variety of health functions: ( If melatonin production is diminished at adolescence, premature puberty can result.

            The actual cause of calcification has not been determined, however once it is present, it becomes a repository for fluoride. Several research papers report a correlation between the presence of flouride and calcification.  There are also several websites devoted to pineal gland decalcification such as:  and and there are many more. While there is no doubt that the advice in these and similar articles may possibly inhibit further calcification, there appears to be no set protocol for measuring the level of calcification and there is no research available in pub med or google scholar that verifies that the pineal calcification can be reversed.

             Fluoride effects: Until the 1990s, no research had ever been conducted to determine the impact of fluoride on the pineal gland. Fluoride is a routinely (and sometimes mandatory) additive to almost all municipal drinking water, allegedly to prevent tooth decay. Its use has always been highly controversial and research on the side effects is often discouraged. Increase fluoride presence does not necessarily result in calcification.

             Melatonin, created in the pineal gland and other body tissues as well, not only helps regulate the onset of puberty but also helps protect the body from cell damage caused by free radicals. It is now known -- thanks to the meticulous research of Dr. Jennifer Luke from the University of Surrey in England -- that the pineal gland is the primary target of fluoride accumulation within the human body.

            The soft tissue of the adult pineal gland contains more fluoride than any other soft tissue in the body -- a level of fluoride (~300 ppm) which is more than capable of inhibiting enzymes. The pineal gland also contains varying amounts hard tissue (hyroxyapatite crystals), and this hard tissue accumulates more fluoride (up to 21,000 ppm) than any other hard tissue in the body (even the teeth, which it is supposed to protect).

           Realizing that the pineal gland was the target of so much fluoride, Dr. Luke conducted animal experiments to determine if the accumulated fluoride could negatively impact the regulation of melatonin, reference: ( She found that animals treated with fluoride had lower levels of circulating melatonin. This reduced level of melatonin was accompanied by an earlier onset of puberty in the fluoride treated female animals. 

Luke summarized her human and animal findings as follows:

"...the human pineal gland contains the highest concentration of fluoride in the body. Fluoride is associated with depressed pineal melatonin synthesis by prepubertal gerbils and accelerated onset of sexual maturation in the female gerbil. The results strengthen the hypothesis that the pineal has a role in the timing of the onset of puberty ....                                                                                                                                                
         The levels of pineal gland fluoride examined in the study were high enough to inhibit enzyme production. When enzymes are damaged, it can lead to collagen breakdown, eczema, tissue damage, skin wrinkling, genetic damage, and immune suppression.  One enzyme mentioned earlier, methyltransferase, is necessary for the pineal gland to produce METAtonin. If this enzyme is inhibited, then DMT production is inhibited as well. 

           For a complete bibliography of articles on flouride research visit:    

           Electromagnetic Wave Deterioration
 Studies with hamsters showed that exposure to GSM-900 (cell phone microwave) signal significantly reduced the pineal glands ability to generate melatonin during night cycles, reference:  (http:// "...the acute magnetic field exposure was again found to blunt the increase and suppress the duration of the nighttime melatonin rise.”

         Studies with human subjects who were exposed to 60Hz magnetic fields also showed this anomaly, reference:  (http:/ This is distressing to learn, since we are all literally surrounded by 60Hz electrical fields in our homes, at work and outside where power lines tower over almost every street. There is no escape from this type of radiation except to flee to remote, unpopulated areas. 

Autism and Pineal Gland Malfunction

Abstract Title: Autism Viewed as a Consequence of Pineal Gland Malfunction - An Apothesis


     The aforementioned environmental factors may have had an increased effect on the general population  due to the heightened use of wireless communications during this decade and accumulated effect of fluoridation in public water supplies over several generations. Flouridation was introduced into U.S. Public Health policy in 1951 and had reached 50 million people by 1960. The author of this abstract recognizes the deteriorating effect of electromagnetic fields and trauma on the pineal gland, but does not mention fluoridation as a possible agent of infant pineal gland malfunction since calcification occurs later in life.

 Author: Andrea Axt, PhD, RPP, FQM

Craniosacral/Polarity Associates of Montreal

First published (in English) in the Polish scientific journal

"Farmakoterapia w Psychiatrii i Neurologii," Number 98, 1, pages 112-134

 A synopsis of the abstract:

         In the annals of pineal research there is some speculation that the occurrence of schizophrenia is due to low, but still debilitating, levels of endogenous DMT in the body.  However this is one of the first investigations to theorize that the cause of autism is due to a similar condition: the presence of unwelcome neurotransmitters possibly contributed by a malfunctioning pineal gland.

          Dr. Andrea Axt has studied the connection between autism and the pineal gland for 20 years and concludes: “autistic individuals manifest all of the characteristics that are associated with a malfunctioning pineal gland”.  Autism is defined as a lifelong inability to properly process sensory input and the resulting inability to learn, communicate or to understand human emotional signals. Her research indicates that this condition is a result of: erratic melatonin secretion, the secretion of improperly modified melatonin derivatives, the destruction of melatonin-producing pinealocytes which do not regenerate after birth and/or the influence of environmental factors including electromagnetic fields and chemical pollutants.  Pineal gland malfunction can also result from the destruction or improper fetal development of the gland itself or of the neuronal pathway that connects the optic nerve with the pineal gland via the spinal cord and the superior cervical ganglion.  Proper pineal gland function is also essential for the health of the cerebral spinal fluid which must maintain a delicate balance of several essential neurotransmitters.

           The pineal gland is the first gland to be formed in the emerging embryo; if for some reason it begins to malfunction at the fetal stage, it could have a profound effect on all the endocrine glands that develop later on since they tend to influence each other, possibly creating a major systemic imbalance. Melatonin is found throughout the natural world and in living organisms as far back as 3 billion years and is one of the fundamental hormones essential for establishing and maintaining homeostasis. In conjunction with the optic nerve, the pineal gland synchronizes melatonin production with the daily cycle of sunlight to establish the circadian rhythm which is the default operating cycle for the human body.  If this essential time link to the outside world is not established it can result into a form of psychological vertigo where the victim can find no anchor and thus lack a basic framework for a healthy ego to form in. Without a stable ego, one has no reference from which to make decisions, to form a personality or to recognize other personalities. The pineal gland helps the individual transduce the physical world.

         There is a further area of malfunction, and that is the possibility for abnormally generated melatonin to chemically evolve into consciousness-enhancing indoleamines at a stage in life when such enhancements prevent the individual from experiencing normal development. Melatonin can undergo cyclic dehydration to form 10-methoxyharmalan, a powerful hallucinogenic substance and, as stated earlier on this webpage, melatonin can also be modified to form METAtonin, endogenous DMT, also a very powerful enhancer.

        Dr. Axt fully develops the above concepts in her abstract; she then presents a summary table that itemizes the possible links between the common symptoms of autism and a malfunctioning of the pineal gland. Dr. Axt has had extensive therapeutic experience with five hundred autistic children for over 20 years; she then describes 7 case histories where the patient’s condition was markedly improved with melatonin supplementation and bodywork. Dr. Axt recognizes that a great deal more research is needed to validate her hypothesis and provides suggestions as to how this research could proceed.

        It could be pointed out that several of  Dr. Axt’s arguments for autism could be used to describe the onset of schizophrenia with the difference being that one disorder evolves at a prenatal stage and the other after puberty; since the brain is at a different stage of development, the  symptoms of the disorder will also differ. In fact Dr. Axt mentioned that in the early days autism was called "infantile schizophrenia".

 Pineal Gland Healing and Activation

       There are several articles and practices proposing that the pineal gland can be cleansed and/or activated.  To date there has been no solid evidence that any of these methods produce any measurable results. These include: cleansing diets, herbal supplements, multimedia (sound and imagery) stimulation, yoga postures, holotropic breathwork 
( and, flashing light sequences (Lucia Light) and light itself as nutrition/medication or sungazing 
( . All of these are worthy of investigation and perhaps someday selected frequencies of light and sound combined with meditation, breathing technique and nutrition may yield results. Please keep us posted if you hear of any developments.
       In terms of activities that encourage the pineal gland to grow, there is one verification. NASA has been studying the potential of human photosynthesis for space travel. They have been studying the HMS sungazing method and among the results it has been observed that the pineal gland of volunteers have grown in size. There are only a few volunteers, so at this point, this is only an observation. Pineal gland measurement has been part of the procedure because it is indirectly linked to the optic nerve - necessary for melatonin production. See the above link for further information. Hopefully NASA will release more information in the near future.
       Pineal calcification levels can easily be determined by present-day imaging techniques, so it would be very easy to verify if a particular pineal cleansing technique was actually effective in reducing calcification. Detection of pineal activation is a different story, presently the only way to detect the presence of endogenous DMT or metatonin in the proximity of the pineal gland is by using invasive brain probes - which could prove to be very problematic.  Hopefully advanced imaging technology combined with special dyes will enable scientists to verify that the pineal gland secretes metatonin into the CSF surrounding the thalamus at a point in time when a volunteer has naturally achieved a state of enhanced consciousness - an event that may happen only once in a lifetime.
       Please bear in mind that the "natural" way to activate the pineal gland is through years of meditation and mindoversight development, and even then there are no guarantees. If one chooses to accelerate the process by using artificial aids, one may achieve the enhanced state of mind that the pineal gland has to offer without having developed the mental tools to be able to stabilize the experience. Short cuts can be trouble; it's your mind, so please handle with care.

  Physiology of the pineal gland: Visit:

 Internet Resources for further information 

PINEAL GLAND/METAtonin, EDMT CONNECTION Author of the groundbreaking book The Spirit Molecule which now been made into a movie The official website of the movie version of The Spirit Molecule, Dr. Strassmans foundation that is sponsoring research in the Pineal/EDMT, Metatonin connection Anthony Peake is one of today’s foremost writers on the subject of hyperphysical phenomenon, consciousness and the out-of-body phenomenon.  James Oroc's 
Tryptamine Palace highly informative website on DMT and 5-MeO-DMT, An excellent article on DMT. An article about verification of link between meditation and pineal gland activity as determined by real time MRI brain scans. An excellent forum on all aspects of DMT including speculation on the pineal gland connection A website devoted to Endohuasca, another term to describe endogenous DMT and experiences related to it. An Islamic perspective of the pineal gland, considered to be a "meta" organ. The Mysterious Pineal Gland (by Michael Anderson C.A.S.), a very readable history of the pineal gland.  A beautifully illustrated website dedicated to the pineal/dmt/pinoline  connection

OUT-OF-BODY CONSCIOUSNESS/LUCID DREAMING RESOURCES, Jurgen Ziewe’s website describes the many dimensions of consciousness as discovered in his may OBE explorations as well as a gallery of his art which depicts many of the realms he has experienced. He is the author of The Multidimensional Man, William Buhlman’s website. He is the author of Adventures Beyond the Body and The Secret of the Soul  and is a veteran of many OBE travels. Website of the Out of Body Experience Research Foundation (OBERF), The Lucia Light Simulator webpage that describes a specialized light generator that stimulates a shift in consciousness similar to a mild METAtonin event. website devoted to a specialized form of yoga exercise and lifestyle that promotes lucid dreaming. An extensive resource for information on both OBEs and NDEs. An extensive resource for information on both OBEs including instructions on how to direct OBE travel to different destinations as well as the free download book: School of Out-Of- Body Travel – A Practical Guide. Robert Peterson is the author of Out of Body Experiences, How to have them and What to Expect. This book can be read in its entirety on this website. : is an online book by William BuhlmanAdventures Beyond the Body - HOW TO EXPERIENCE OUT-OF-BODY TRAVEL Stephen LeBerge’s website for the Lucidity Institute that offers training workshops for OBEs Website of  Dr. Bruce Goldberg, author of Exploring The Fifth Dimension: Parallel Universes, Teleportation and Out-of-Body Travel Rebecca Turner’s extensive NDE website. Ms. Turner has beed lucid dreaming since she  was 14 years old.

NEAR DEATH CONSCIOUSNESS RESOURCES An extensive website devoted to Near Death Experiences and the Afterlife that is fully documented and approaches the NDE from almost every possible perspective. Website of the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, the worlds largest NDE website now published in 23 languages.Underline Cardiologist Dr. Pim van Lommel's NDE website, a very scientific approach. PMH Atwater, Phd.  has written six books on NDEs including those experienced by children. Neurosurgeon Dr. Alexander Eban’s well-documented website devoted to NDEs, based on his own personal life-changing NDE experiences.   Ken Katin’s educational website dedicated to explaining NDEs     

MEDITATION/CONSCIOUSNESS RESOURCES Shows a video of the Dalai Lama and his comments on phowa meditation which is a means of separating consciousness from the body and entering a state of bardo consciousness.  Waldo Vieira's International Academy of Consciousness based in Brasil. ICRL is an international, interdisciplinary, and inter-generational consortium of some 75 members, most of whom have been associated with the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR). Presently about 5 consciousness related research projects are underway.
A study done by the Shamatha Project has shown that intensive meditation can lead to increases in telomerase, an enzyme important for the long-term health of cells in the body and longevity. Neurology Nowmagazine article by Amy Paturel describes how meditation stabilizes the brains default mode network, DMN, or default waking consciousness, also noted is a thickening of gray and white brain matter. a review of the book The Irreducible Mind: Toward a Psychology for the 21st Century a scholarly investigation into the the significance of unexplainable consciousness experiences such as NDEs, paranormal abilities observed in meditators and yogis and mystical experiences. An article by Yogi Amrit Desai about the significance of Pineal Gland focused meditation. A webpage devoted to Pineal awareness meditation a website devoted to an anticipated evolutionary shift in consciousness in its many manifestations describes the 8 stage consciousness evolution process as developed by Professor Clare W.  Graves of Union College


         We hope we have inspired you, dear reader, to do further research yourself. Probably the first place to start is by reading Dr. Rick Strassman’s book, The Spirit Molecule. This book is fully documented with an extensive bibliography.  Dr. Jeremy Narby's book, The Cosmic Serpent, DNA, and the Origins of Knowledgemay prove interesting also as well as the work of Dr. Pim van Lommel, Anthony Peake, and Dr. Eban Alexander. A simple search on the Internet using terms such as: OBE, DMT, Pineal gland, DNA morphogenetic consciousness, remote viewing, Shakti Kundalini, nonlocal quantum communication, the eight circuits of the brain theory  etc. will provide further information. Each of us has been endowed with this gift and each of us will discover it in our own way. 

  Any serious scholars, writers or scientists who are interested in pursuing this phenomenon have our full support.  If you are engaged in a project that involves the pineal gland and have a question about any of the concepts presented in this paper or need any further information, please contact us and we will do our best to support you in any way we can. If we can't provide the answer, we can probably put you in touch with someone who can.
      This internet-based pineal gland research resource was created as a result of a life-changing METAtonin event that occured to me in 1974 in Pownal, Vermont. It wasn't until the year 2000 that this writer was encouraged to inquire into the origin of the experience, brought on by a series of seemingly spontaneous events. Please excuse any errors that you may have encountered and inform us so that we may correct them.

         Thank you, dear reader, and thank you, too, all who have knowingly and unknowingly helped me gather  and assemble
this information; may it be of use to you. Very few of these words are originally mine, almost all have been gleaned and polished from the writings of others. So, too, for the images,which, except for the drawings by MBS , came from Google images.
        *Melatonin is actually a misnomer. It is based on the Greek term "mela" meaning black and "tonin" which may have been borrowed from the word serotonin or perhaps may mean "to shrink" as Strassman suggests . When melatonin was first discovered as a secretion of the pineal gland in 1958, it was observed that it could lighten dark discolorations of the skin. Later on the neurological function of melatonin was discovered, but the name remained.  The term "serotonin" is something of a misnomer as well and is based on the English terms "ser" as in serum and "tone" as in "to firm". The name reflects the circumstances of the compound's discovery: serotonin was first identified as a substance in blood serum that constricted or toned blood vessels; its neurological significance was identified later on.
         The term METAtonin originated as a typographical error on my word processor, however at that very time I was searching for a generic term that would describe the endogenous DMT-based secretion of the pineal gland, a secretion very similar to melatonin that functions at a higher octave, and the name seemed to fit perfectly. Ten years later I found this term in the book 
The Invisible Landscape, pg. 65, by Terrance and Dennis McKenna, published in 1985 - apparently a typo as well.  The first four letters are capitalized so as to differentiate its similarity to melatonin with which it is easily confused. Other appropriate terms for this endogenous pineal secretion could be the acronym EDMT  (EndogenousDMT), Spiritonin (as in Spirit Molecule), Anavatonin (from the Greek: ascension), Peratonin (from the Greek: beyond) or perhaps the term Endohuasca that was suggested by Jonathan Ott, enthobotanist and author of Ayahuasca Analogues Pangean Entheogens, which is probably the first book that ever exposed me to the concept of the spirit molecule.
Supplemental Pages:

       There are four more pages following Metatonin Research three that are germane to the pineal gland, METAtonin and the study of consciousness. The last page stands on its own and is not related to the pineal gland.

 Page 2: Consciousness to the Fourth Power. An investigation into four levels of universe reality: all bound together and perhaps preceded by consciousness itself. GO TO PAGE 2 

 PAGE 3: The Entheological Paradigm: Is a discussion of the work of Dr. Martin Ball who maintains that the proper use of entheogens can bring about a positive development in our society and culture by expanding the borders of our consciousness and our relationship with Higher Intelligence. GO TO PAGE 3 

Page 4: Dreamtime in the Past and Future, is a discussion of societies past and present that utilize out-of-body intelligence as an everyday guide to daily decisions. Australian Aboriginies consciously chose a minimal lifestyle that eschewed technology and elevated what we call paranormal skills to help them navigate their daily lives and organize their society in full cooperation with the natural world. Their segue to the higher world of the Dreamtime Ancestors was effected by persons of "high degree"  who experience a ceremony that symbolically opens access to the pineal gland. The Aborigines evolved into an extremely complex society of 12 million peacefully cohabitating inhabitants who peacefully occupied the entire continent of Australia without a single blemish to the natural ecology. This article is also an investigation in the present day philosophy of Dr. Waldo Vieira and the 100,000 members of the International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology who affirm that the next stage of the evolution of the human race will be the universal acceptance of out-of-body communication as the primary guide for cultural and spiritual growth. Dr. Vieira, however. does not seem to recognize the pineal gland as instrumental in effecting the out-of-body experience. GO TO PAGE 4

  Contact the author, email: chemistryofconsciousness@gmail.comWe welcome any comments or suggestions.

Drawings "Vitae" and "Pineal Power" compliments of Martha Barrett Schwerdtle, Roxbury, CT, copyright 2012

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